2021年3月7日 本日國際新聞導讀-分崩離析的敘利亞未來到底會變成怎樣的國家

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The Catholic Pope Saint Francis visited Iraq on Friday and landed at Baghdad International Airport that afternoon, where he was welcomed by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi, and then he met with President Baram · Barham Saleh and other government and religious figures, President Barham Saleh (Barham Saleh) made an invitation to the Vatican in 2019. The 90-year-old reclusive but highly respected Iraqi Shiite religious leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani will host him in the humble small home in Shiite holy city of Najaf. This meeting will be an important step in deepening the friendship between Catholicism and Shia Muslims. Shia Muslims are the majority in Iraq, but they are a minority in the Muslim world. Marsin Alshamary, a researcher at the Brookings Institution in the United States, said: "Although there have been great changes in religion around the world, people's respect for Sistani has not changed at all. " 天主教教宗聖方濟各於週五訪問伊拉克,當天下午降落在巴格達國際機場,在那裡受到伊拉克總理穆斯塔法·卡迪米(Mustafa al-Kadhemi)的歡迎,然後他會見了總統巴拉姆·薩利赫(Barham Saleh)以及其他政府和宗教人物,總統巴勒姆·薩利赫(Barham Saleh)於2019年向梵蒂岡提出邀請。90歲的隱居但備受尊敬的伊拉克什葉派宗教領袖大阿亞圖拉·阿里·西斯塔尼(Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani)將在他隱居的什葉派聖城納傑夫(Najaf)的不起眼家中接待教皇。這次會議將是加深天主教與什葉派穆斯林友誼聯繫的重要一步,什葉派穆斯林在伊拉克佔多數,但在全球範圍內佔少數。美國布魯金斯研究所研究員馬辛·阿爾沙瑪里(Marsin Alshamary)表示:“儘管世界各地已從宗教上發生了很大的轉變,但人們對西斯塔尼的崇敬卻絲毫沒有動搖。” The Israeli government will open restaurants, cafes, cultural venues and other premises to green pass holders who have been vaccinated or recovered from the infection. It will also open the airport on this (7) day to allow 1,000 Israeli nationals to return to Israel. Restaurants and cafes will welcome fully vaccinated customers indoors and can accommodate up to 75% of customers and up to 100 people. If everyone can sit outdoors, it can accommodate up to 100 people. Hotels-reserved for green passport holders and children under the age of 16 who have not passed the injection-can accommodate up to 50% of the restaurant and can accommodate up to 300 people. 以色列政府對已經接種疫苗或染疫復原的綠色通行證持有者開放餐廳、咖啡廳、文化場所等處所,也將在本(7)日開放機場讓一千名以色列國民返回以色列。餐館和咖啡館將在室內歡迎完全接種疫苗的顧客,最多可容納75%的顧客,最多可容納100人。每個人都可以坐在戶外的話,最多可容納100人。旅館-保留給綠色護照持有人和未通過注射的16歲以下兒童使用-最多可容納50%的餐廳,最多可容納300人。 On Friday night, there was an unusual attack on an oil facility in the Turkish-occupied northern Syrian area. Large-scale explosions occurred at oil facilities near Al-Bab and Jarablus, suspected of being attacked by ballistic missiles. This area was invaded and occupied by Turkey in the "Shield of Euphrates" in the fall of 2016. Anadolu, a channel supported by the Turkish state, said that three people were killed and dozens were injured in the attack. It said, “The Tarhin region in the Al-Bab region bordering Turkey and the Al-Hamran region in the Jarablus region were attacked by ballistic missiles. Both the Syrian regime and Russia believe that ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other extremists in northern Syria were occupied by Turkey. Regional activities. Turkey says it supports the Free Syrian Army, but the Free Army is also made up of many armed militias, some of which are extremists. (Later, I will comment on the situation in Syria)星期五晚上,在土耳其占領的敘利亞北部地區的石油設施遭到了一次不尋常的襲擊。Al-Bab和Jarablus附近石油設施發生了大規模爆炸,疑似受到彈道飛彈攻擊。該地區是土耳其於2016年秋天在“幼發拉底之盾”行動中入侵佔領的。土耳其國家支持的頻道阿納多盧(Anadolu)說,攻擊事件計有3人喪生,數十人受傷。它說,“與土耳其接壤的al-Bab地區的Tarhin地區和Jarablus地區的Al-Hamran地區遭到彈道導彈攻擊。敘利亞政權和俄羅斯都認為,ISIS,基地組織和其他極端分子在敘利亞北部土耳其占領的地區活動。土耳其說,它支持敘利亞自由軍,但自由軍也是由眾多武裝民兵組成,其中一些是極端分子。 (之後有我對敘利亞地區情勢的一個評析)

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