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歡迎通勤家族 週一晚上9pm,在Clubhouse上跟我與Peddy一同閒聊、練習英語!快加入 15Mins 通勤學英語直播室吧~ 每日英語跟讀 Ep.K216: About Taiwan - Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers website goes live with one catch: No English 行政院近期正努力為10月即將發行的五倍券做最完善的準備,於週三首次推出全新五倍券官網(,讓民眾可以事先預約和數位綁定消費券。 As Taiwan’s cabinet gears up for the distribution of Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers (五倍券) in October, the Executive Yuan debuted the new, designated website ( on Wednesday allowing the public to register and bind their vouchers to other payment devices. 然而,新網站中卻隱含了一個極大的問題:目前尚無英文版!這對於剛來台灣的新住民來說非常困擾。 However, a big problem is presented in the launch of the new website: No English version yet!This spells bad news for the member of the foreign community in Taiwan, especially the ones who have just settled here. 那些對於中文還不是太熟悉,尚未學會閱讀中文字的外籍人士將無從得知如何預約五倍券,怎麼選取紙本或是數位券也無法馬上知道在哪些地方可以使用消費券。 Those who aren’t fluent in Mandarin and have not learned how to read Chinese characters will not be able to understand just where to register for the vouchers, how to choose between physical stimulus vouchers and digital ones, or even know when the vouchers can be used. 根據「數位部長」唐鳳昨(15)日的現場示範,民眾可以於9月22日可以開始進行五倍券的數位綁定。 According to a demonstration by Digital Minister Audrey Tang (唐鳳) on Wednesday, the public will be able to bind the digital vouchers to different payment devices starting on Sept. 22. 紙本的消費券也可以於9月25日先預約,預約成功後可在10月8日領取。 You can also register for physical vouchers on Sept. 25 and will receive them on Oct. 8. 另外,你也可以於10月4日起至中華郵政網站(或以電話預約(0800-700-199)紙本券,10月12日起可至所選擇的郵局領取。 In addition, you can register for physical vouchers through the postal service in Taiwan on Oct. 4, and will receive them on Oct. 12. 除了五倍券外,各部會也推出加碼券,其中包括好食券、藝Fun券、國旅券等。 Aside from the Quintuple Stimlus Vouchers, various ministries have also rolled out their own vouchers, including for food, art exhibits, travel, and more. Next Article 內湖下班解憂新秘境曝!隱藏版景點成上班族最愛|Hidden Neihu spot for office workers in search of breather unveiled 根據Taipei Walker報導,下班就想要躲進大自然中,好好的放鬆、享受難得的愜意時光。而內湖人都不一定知道的隱藏版秘境「大溝溪治水園區」,雖然現在沒有二月初的花海點綴園區,它依舊是是懂生活、喜愛踏青的人都愛的口袋景點。 Most would love to duck into the folds of nature after work to relax and enjoy some leisure time before continuing the daily grind the next day. Known for its technology park, Neihu is also home to a hidden relaxing spot — Dagouxi Waterfront Park (大溝溪生態治水園區). Though the picturesque sea of flowers may not be present at the moment, it’s still a desirable location for those looking for a chance of pace and is seeking an easy-to-access scenic area. 只要從捷運「大湖公園站」1號出口漫步10~15分鐘就能抵達入口,為台北下班族打造最解憂的散步景點。 The park is just a 10-15 minute stroll from MRT Dahu Park Station Exit 1, making it the most relaxing walking spot for off-duty Taipei residents. 將自然景觀和防洪工程融為一體的設計,用人工溼地生態池的環境達到防洪、保護生態、遊憩休閒三大功用。 The natural landscape and the flood control works are integrated into the design, and the artificial wetland ecological pond environment is used to achieve the three functions of flood control, ecological protection, and recreation. 漫步在有流水聲、小橋和輕鬆的步道,並串連到綠意盎然、老少咸宜的五指山系登山步道,在綠蔭下慢步至圓覺禪寺、碧山巖等地,讓人在防疫期間中被綠意療癒。 Strolling along the trail with the sound of flowing water, small bridges, and relaxing trails, you’ll find yourself in lush greenery and near the “Five Finger Mountain Hiking Trails” which are suitable for young and old alike. You can take a slow walk under the green shade to Fengbishan Yuanjue Temple and Bishanyan, and be healed by the greenery during the stressful epidemic-prevention period in Taiwan. Source article:;

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