*第二季*【EP. 34】#296 經濟學人新聞評論【黑人的命也是命、轉型正義、美國南方邦聯、港府禁面罩、一國兩制、大麥克指數、購買力平價、中國經濟、美國經濟】

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🔴Tuesday December 22nd 2020 🔵2020年12月22日星期二 1️⃣A statue of Robert E. Lee, a Confederate general, was removed from the Capitol in Washington, DC, where it represented Virginia along with that of George Washington. Ralph Northam, the state’s governor, called the Confederacy “a symbol of Virginia’s racist and divisive history”… 代表美國維吉尼亞州 (Virginia),與美國開國元勳華盛頓 (George Washington) 雕像一同矗立在美國首都華盛頓特區 (Washington, DC) 之國會山莊 (Capitol Hill) 的南方邦聯 (Confederate) 李將軍 (Robert E. Lee) 雕像將被移除。維吉尼亞州州長 Ralph Northam 指出南方邦聯是「維吉尼亞州種族歧視以及分裂歷史的象徵」… 2️⃣Hong Kong’s highest court ruled that the city government’s ban on the wearing of face coverings at public gatherings was constitutional. Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing chief executive, used colonial-era emergency powers to enact the ban unilaterally at the height of pro-democracy protests last year… 香港最高法院裁定,港府禁止民眾在公共集會上戴面罩是合憲合法的。親北京的香港特首林鄭月娥 (Carrie Lam) 利用英國殖民香港時代的緊急授權,在去年民主抗議的高峰期單方面頒布了此禁令… 3️⃣America’s economy did not exceed China’s in size until the 1880s, according to the Maddison Project at the University of Groningen. The two now rival each other again. In 2019 China’s workers produced 99trn yuan-worth of goods and services. America’s produced $21.4trn-worth. Since 6.9 yuan bought a dollar last year, on average, China’s GDP was worth only $14trn at market rates. But 6.9 yuan stretches further in China than $1 in America. For example, a McDonald’s Big Mac costs about 21.70 yuan in China and $5.71 in America, according to prices collected by The Economist. By that measure, 3.8 yuan buys as much as a dollar… 根據格羅寧根大學 (University of Groningen,荷蘭一知名大學) 的 Maddison 計畫 (與資料),美國的經濟規模一直到了 1880年代才超越中國。而現在雙方又成為了對手。在 2019年,中國的勞工生產了價值 99兆人民幣的商品以及服務。美國則生產了 21.4兆 (美元) 的價值。按照去年 6.9元人民幣兌換 1美元的匯率來計算,中國的 GDP 只值 14兆美元。但 6.9元人民幣在中國比美國的 1美元還延伸得更遠。例如,根據《經濟學人》所搜集的價格 (資料),一個麥當勞 (McDonald) 的大麥克漢堡在中國的價格約為 21.70元人民幣,而在美國為 5.71美元。按照這個標準,3.8元人民幣就可以兌換到 1美元…

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