*第三季*【EP. 47】#316 經濟學人新聞評論【美國賭王阿德爾森、賭場集團、美國拉斯維加斯、澳門威尼斯人、新加坡金沙酒店、印度最高法院、農業改革、大鯨魚 vs. 小蝦米、大集團 vs. 小散戶、自焚抗議、鄭南榕、阿里巴巴旗下的「餓了麼」、大企業的 downsize 以及 cost down】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Wednesday January 13th 2021 🔵2021年1月13日星期三 1️⃣US Casino Lord dies: a financial loss to the Republicans 美國賭王逝世:共和黨少了個大金主 Sheldon Adelson, an American casino magnate and financier of right-wing political candidates, died of cancer on Monday, aged 87. Mr Adelson, who owned casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore, was the largest single donor to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, and spent more than $183m to help Mr Trump and other Republicans in 2020. 美國賭場大亨兼右翼政治人物候選人之金主的謝爾登阿德爾森 (Sheldon Adelson) 於週一逝世,享年 87歲。他在美國拉斯維加斯 (Las Vegas)、澳門和新加坡握有賭場,也曾是美國總統川普於 2016年競選時的最大單一捐助人,並在 2020年花費超過 1.83億美元幫助川普以及其他共和黨人。 2️⃣India’s Supreme Court: we will hear the farmers sing 印度最高法院:來傾聽農戶的怨言 India’s Supreme Court paused the implementation of new agricultural laws that have prompted huge protests by farmers. Narendra Modi, the prime minister, insists the reforms will make the industry more competitive, but farmers say it will hurt their bottom line. The court’s chief justice promised to set up a panel to hear farmers’ grievances. 印度最高法院鑒於大規模的農戶抗爭,進而暫緩了該國新的農業改革法之實施。印度總理莫迪 (Narendra Modi) 堅持認為他的改革將使印度農業更具競爭力,但農民表示此一改革將損害他們的底線 (/利益)。(印度) 最高法院的首席大法官承諾成立一個聽證小組以聆/傾聽農民的不滿。 3️⃣Self-immolation as protest in China: eye-catching 在中國自焚抗議:很吸睛 Liu Jin, a 45-year-old delivery rider in China, set himself alight in protest at unpaid wages. Mr Liu had reportedly worked for, a food-delivery service owned by Alibaba, an e-commerce giant. The video of Mr Liu’s protest, during which he suffered third-degree burns but survived, went viral on Chinese social media. Delivery services in China have been criticised for outsourcing the management and payment of their riders. 中國一名現年 45歲的外送員劉進 (Liu Jin) 因被積欠薪資而自焚抗議。據報導,劉先生曾在電子商務巨頭阿里巴巴 (Alibaba) 旗下的食品配送服務平台餓了麼 (饿了么) 工作。劉先生在自焚後三度灼傷,但他倖存了下來,而他自焚的視頻/短片在中國的社群媒體上被廣為傳播。在中國的外送/送貨服務因將其管理以及支付騎手之薪資等業務給外包出去而飽受批評。

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