*第三季*【EP. 81】#371 經濟學人新聞評論【英歐訴訟:與北愛爾蘭的貿易有關、歐盟法、歐盟法院 (CJEU)、北京吃土:沙塵暴、西班牙和菲律賓:殖民主義、大航海時代、地理大發現、傳教士趴趴走、麥哲倫 feat. 艾爾卡諾】

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🔴Tuesday March 16th 2021 🔵2021年3月16日星期二 1️⃣EU v. UK: on trade…again! 歐盟 vs. 英國:因貿易而槓上…又來了! The European Union launched legal action against Britain for unilaterally easing trading conditions for businesses in Northern Ireland, in an alleged breach of the Brexit withdrawal agreement. This month Britain extended grace periods on Irish Sea border checks from the end of March to October. Britain could be taken to the European Court of Justice and face trade sanctions. 歐盟針對英國單方面放寬北愛爾蘭的貿易條件發起了對英國的法律訴訟,因英方涉嫌違反英國脫歐之協議。在本月,英國將愛爾蘭海之邊境檢查的寬限期從 (今年) 3月底延長至 (今年) 10月。英國可能會被帶到歐洲法院 (Court of Justice of the European Union,根據歐盟法為歐盟的最高法院) 並面臨貿易制裁。 2️⃣Sandstorm in Beijing: Oh my! 北京沙塵暴:我了個去! Beijing was hit by its worst sandstorm in a decade, according to its weather bureau. The city was bathed in an orange haze and air pollution rocketed to 160 times the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit in some places. Hundreds of flights were delayed or cancelled. People with respiratory conditions were advised to stay indoors. In Mongolia hundreds are reported missing in sandstorms. 根據氣象局的數據,北京遭受了十年以來最嚴重的沙塵暴襲擊。這座城市被覆蓋在橘色警示燈之中,而空氣污染在某些地方暴增到世界衛生組織 (WHO) 所建議的極限值之 160倍。數百個航班架次被延誤或取消。患有呼吸道疾病的人被建議待在室內。而在蒙古,據報有數百人在沙塵暴中失踪。 3️⃣500 years of history: Hispanic-Filipino relations 西班牙和菲律賓:五百年前的邂逅 The Juan Sebastián Elcano, a sail-training ship belonging to the Spanish Navy, drops anchor off the eastern Philippines today, exactly 500 years after the Spanish expedition which first circumnavigated the globe reached the Asian archipelago. Filipinos have mixed feelings about the arrival of the Elcano. Although many are happy to celebrate an historical feat of seamanship, they are mindful that the expedition the Elcano is commemorating heralded some three-and-a-half centuries of Spanish colonisation of the Philippines. Spanish imperial rule also created religious divisions which remain an enduring source of friction. The Spanish introduced Christianity to the islands. Today four-fifths of Filipinos remain Catholic. But before their arrival, Islam had already begun to supplant some indigenous religions. Now, centuries later, a few Muslim Filipinos, under the flag of Islamic State, are still violently resisting Christianity. A Philippine warship is escorting the Elcano, just in case of any trouble. 隸屬於西班牙 (帝國) 海軍的訓練帆船「艾爾卡諾號 (Juan Sebastián Elcano,以麥哲倫死後,接替其繼續完成環球遠航任務的艾爾卡諾船長命名)」,今天在西班牙遠征隊首度執行環球遠航任務到這個亞洲群島的五百年後,又再度於菲律賓東部下錨停泊。菲律賓人對於艾爾卡諾號的到訪感到百感交集。儘管很多人高興地慶祝這份對船藝的歷史性狂熱,但他們仍把艾爾卡諾號的遠航視為紀念著西班牙對菲律賓、長約三個半世紀的殖民象徵,進而掛在心上。西班牙帝國的統治也造成了恆久的衝突摩擦源:宗教。西班牙人將基督教信仰帶入了菲律賓島嶼。在今天,五分之四的菲律賓人依然信奉著天主教。但是在西班牙人到達以前,伊斯蘭教便已經開始取代了一些 (菲律賓) 原住民信仰。幾個世紀後的今天,少部分在伊斯蘭國 (Islamic State,一恐怖組織) 旗下的菲律賓穆斯林仍暴力地抵抗著基督教信仰。為了避免任何麻煩,一艘菲律賓軍艦將從旁護衛著到訪的艾爾卡諾號。

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