*第五季*【EP. 210】#588 經濟學人導讀 feat. 國際時事 feat. 新聞評論【英國脫歐最軟的那一塊 >>> 北愛爾蘭;印度軍隊 vs. 性別平等;拜登的太陽能大夢;電子菸在美國 >>> 由不得你/妳】

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❗⁠您的一杯咖啡錢 = 我們遠大的目標!捐款支持我們: 👍Andre 老師 - 英文檢定考班,等你/妳來報名: 👍Chester 老師 - 英文文法與寫作班,等你/妳來報名: 👍Danny 老師 - 國際時事評論分析班,等你/妳來報名: 🔴Thursday September 9th 2021 🔵2021年9月9日星期四 🌏Espresso - The world in brief 每日濃縮 - 世界概況 1️⃣The EU v. the UK: on Northern Ireland AGAIN!!! 歐盟 vs. 英國:有關北愛爾蘭…又來了! The European Union rejected fresh calls from Britain to renegotiate the Northern Ireland protocol, a contentious slice of the Brexit deal that allows Northern Ireland to remain within the customs union… 歐盟拒絕了英國呼籲重新談判涉及北愛爾蘭之協議,而這是英國脫歐協議中一個有爭議的部分,因它允許北愛爾蘭 (英國一部分) 留在 (歐盟的) 關稅同盟內… 2️⃣Women in the Indian military: not welcomed 女性在印度軍中:擺明著不歡迎妳們 India’s government told the country’s top court that women can join military colleges and qualify for permanent commission. Progress towards gender equality in the armed forces has been slow; women make up 0.56% of India’s 1.4m military personnel (compared with, for instance, about 20% in America)… 印度政府告知該國最高法院,女性可以進入軍事學院並有資格獲得永久聘僱。(印度) 軍方實現性別平等的進展緩慢;在印度 140萬名軍事人員中,女性僅佔比 0.56% (例如相比之下,美國約為 20%)… 3️⃣The Biden administration on solar power 拜登政府著眼於太陽能電力 The Biden administration said it wants solar power to provide 40% of America’s electricity by 2035, up from 3% today. Last year 15 gigawatts of solar capacity were added; that will have to reach 30GW a year until 2025 then 60GW annually until 2030 to achieve the goal… (美國) 拜登政府表示希望到了 2035年,太陽能可提供美國 40%的電力,高於目前的 3%。去年增加了 15吉瓦 (Gigawatt,一吉瓦為一百萬千瓦) 的太陽能容量;到了 2025年必須達到每年 30吉瓦,然後到了 2030年每年達到 60吉瓦才能實現此目標… 🔱Espresso - Today’s agenda 每日濃縮 - 今日頭條 ⁠⁠🚬⁠🇺🇸⁠⁠🚬⁠Up in a cloud of aerosol: e-cigarettes in America 美國電子菸:煙霧瀰漫,我們開始 FUN Today the Food and Drug Administration will announce whether makers of e-cigarettes and other vaping products can continue to sell them. In perhaps the first sign of a coming crackdown, the agency recently ordered three firms to take 55,000 of their wares off the market. Their flavoured offerings, including apple crumble and cinnamon-toast cereal, enticed young people more than they benefitted adult smokers, the FDA argued. There is a decent chance that a similar fate awaits Juul, the industry giant. Some 3.6m youngsters use e-cigarettes; most cite the flavours as the appeal. Critics had accused the FDA of failing to stop a public-health calamity. Then at least 19 people died after vaping with illicit products containing cannabis extract, prompting an FDA investigation… 今天美國食品藥物管理局 (FDA) 將宣佈電子菸和其他電子菸產品的製造商們是否可以繼續銷售這些產品。可能是即將到來的第一波措施之跡象,該機構 (即 FDA) 最近下令三家公司從市場上下架 55,000件 (電子菸及相關) 商品。FDA 認為那些帶口味的產品 (包括蘋果奶酥和肉桂吐司麥片) 對年輕人的吸引力大於對成年癮君子的好處 (即那些帶口味的電子菸過度吸引青少年使用電子菸)。電子菸巨頭 Juul 很有可能面臨類似 (被下架) 的命運。大約有 360萬名青少年使用電子菸;大多數人視口味具吸引力。批評人士們指責 FDA 未能阻止一場公共健康的災難。隨後,至少有 19人在吸食含有大麻萃取物之非法產品後死亡,這促使了 FDA 展開調查… — ✔︎ 按讚【每日一經濟學人】Facebook 粉專: ✔︎ 追蹤【每日一經濟學人】Instagram 帳號: ✔︎ 訂閱【每日一經濟學人】YouTube 頻道: ✔︎ 閱讀【每日一經濟學人】Medium 平台: — 🔶如有商業合作或業務需求,請洽 🔴如影音內容有誤,歡迎來信勘誤

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