*第五季*【EP. 222】#609 經濟學人導讀 feat. 國際時事 feat. 新聞評論【誰是梅克爾接班人?;習近平 ft. 朱立倫 > 國共一家親;冰島政治 > 左中右執政聯盟;斯里蘭卡紡織業 ft. 關稅優惠待遇】

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❗⁠您的一杯咖啡錢 = 我們遠大的目標!捐款支持我們: ❗10/16 (週六) 線上「職涯規劃力培訓工作坊」,名額僅25名,報名至10月13日截止 誠摯邀請你/妳來參加 (學生免費): 👍Andre 老師 - 英文檢定考班,等你/妳來報名: 👍Chester 老師 - 英文文法與寫作班,等你/妳來報名: 👍Danny 老師 - 國際時事評論分析班,等你/妳來報名: 🔴Monday September 27th 2021 🔵2021年9月27日星期一 🌏Espresso - The world in brief 每日濃縮 - 世界概況 1️⃣Germany’s federal election: who’s the one to succeed Merkel? 德國聯邦大選:誰是梅克爾接班人? Germany’s federal election delivered a close result, with the two biggest parties each securing about 25% of the vote. The election will bring to an end Angela Merkel’s 16 years as chancellor. Her centre-right Christian Democratic Union, led by Armin Laschet, trailed by a thin margin the centre-left Social Democrats of Olaf Scholz… 德國聯邦選舉的結果相當接近,而兩個最大的政黨各自獲得了約 25%的選票。這次選舉將結束梅克爾 (Angela Merkel) 16年的總理生涯。她的中間偏右基督教民主聯盟 (CDU,Christian Democratic Union) 由 Armin Laschet 領導,並以些微差距落後於 Olaf Scholz 的中間偏左社會民主黨 (Social Democrats)… 2️⃣Xi Jinping ft. Eric Chu: WE ARE FAMILY 習近平 feat. 朱立倫:國共一家親 Xi Jinping, China’s president, has given a bleak assessment of tensions with Taiwan, calling the situation “complex and grim”. Mr Xi was writing to congratulate Eric Chu on his election on Saturday as leader of Taiwan’s main opposition party, the Kuomintang… 中國國家主席習近平對與台灣的緊張情勢作出了黯淡的評估,並稱局勢“複雜而嚴峻”。習近平發函祝賀朱立倫於 (上) 週六當選台灣主要的反對黨 (即國民黨) 之領導人 (即黨主席)… 3️⃣Icelandic politics: who’s with who? 冰島政治:左右逢源免不了 Preliminary results from Saturday’s general election indicate that Iceland’s ruling coalition will strengthen its majority. Opinion polls had predicted that the coalition—made up of the Left-Green Movement, the conservative Independence Party and the centrist Progressive Party—would fall short of the required votes, but last minute support for the Progressive Party pushed it over the line… 冰島 (Iceland) 週六大選的初步結果表明 (當今) 執政聯盟將鞏固其多數席次。民意調查曾預測由左翼綠色運動 (Left-Green Movement)、保守的獨立黨 (Independence Party) 以及中間派的進步黨 (Progressive Party) 所組成的執政聯盟將達不到要求的選票 (即其總和不達國會過半),但最後一刻進步黨的支持票將執政聯盟推過了過門檻 (即過半) 的終點線… 🔱Espresso - Today’s agenda 每日濃縮 - 今日頭條 👔🇱🇰👔Fraying: Sri Lanka’s textile industry 斯里蘭卡的紡織業:消耗殆盡 Sri Lanka faces a new economic threat this week. A European Union investigation, beginning on Monday, could cut its preferential access to EU markets. Sri Lanka currently benefits from a system which removes import duties for vulnerable developing economies, subject to good-governance clauses. In June, the European Parliament adopted a resolution noting that Sri Lanka's preferential access depended on its replacing its controversial anti-terror law, which is still in place, and adhering to international conventions on human rights… 斯里蘭卡 (Sri Lanka,位於南亞一島國) 的經濟將在本週面臨新的威脅。自週一開始的歐盟調查可能會削減斯里蘭卡進入歐盟市場的優惠待遇。斯里蘭卡目前受益於這個旨在免除脆弱的發展中經濟體進口稅額,但必須有遵守善治為前提的系統。(今年) 六月,歐盟議會通過的一項決議表明斯里蘭卡的優惠待遇取決於其是否修改目前仍在實施、具有爭議性的反恐法,並是否遵守國際人權公約… — ✔︎ 按讚【每日一經濟學人】Facebook 粉專: ✔︎ 追蹤【每日一經濟學人】Instagram 帳號: ✔︎ 訂閱【每日一經濟學人】YouTube 頻道: ✔︎ 閱讀【每日一經濟學人】Medium 平台: — 🔶如有商業合作或業務需求,請洽 🔴如影音內容有誤,歡迎來信勘誤

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