*第五季*【EP. 224】#611 經濟學人導讀 feat. 國際時事 feat. 新聞評論【美國參謀長聯席會議主席親中?;中國吉利汽車有錢有夢;星國也人口老化;全球天然氣短缺 > 囧】

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⁠❗⁠您的一杯咖啡錢 = 我們遠大的目標!捐款支持我們: ❗10/16 (週六) 線上「職涯規劃力培訓工作坊」,名額僅25名,報名至10月13日截止 誠摯邀請你/妳來參加 (學生免費): 👍Andre 老師 - 英文檢定考班,等你/妳來報名: 👍Chester 老師 - 英文文法與寫作班,等你/妳來報名: 👍Danny 老師 - 國際時事評論分析班,等你/妳來報名: 🔴Wednesday September 29th 2021 🔵2021年9月29日星期三 🌏Espresso - The world in brief 每日濃縮 - 世界概況 1️⃣US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: too cozy with China? 美國參謀長聯席會議主席麥利太友中? Testifying in the Senate, Mark Milley, America’s most senior military officer, defended two phone calls to his Chinese counterpart in which he promised that Donald Trump, then president, would not attack China… 在參議院 (Senate) 作證時,美國階級最高的軍官麥利 (Mark Milley,陸軍上將、參謀長聯席會議主席) 為其兩次致電中國之舉進行辯護,因他在電話中向他的中方對應人承諾時任美國總統的川普不會攻擊中國 (或對中國發動戰事)… 2️⃣China’s Geely: DREAM BIG! 中國的吉利汽車:有夢最美! Geely, a Chinese carmaker, announced that its founder had entered the highly competitive smartphone business. Eric Li’s new venture, Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology, will be headquartered in Wuhan and focus on “premium smart devices”… 中國汽車製造商吉利 (Geely) 宣佈其創辦人已進軍競爭激烈的智慧型手機市場業務。李書福 (吉利創辦人) 的新企業為湖北星紀時代,其總部設在武漢並專注於「高階智能設備」… 3️⃣Singapore: population aging as well 新加坡:人口亦老年化 Singapore’s population shrank by 4.1% in June from a year earlier to 5.45m, the second consecutive annual drop. The number of non-residents, including foreign workers and students, fell by 10.7%… 新加坡 (今年) 六月份人口同比減少了 4.1%至 545萬,為連續第二年下降。包括外籍移工和學生在內的非居民人數下降了 10.7%… 🔱Espresso - Today’s agenda 每日濃縮 - 今日頭條 🇪🇺😰🌍First Europe, then the world: the natural-gas shortage 先是歐洲,乃至全球:天然氣短缺 Economists usually worry about the price of oil in the context of rising inflation. Not anymore. Now the soaring price of natural gas is the bigger problem, particularly in Europe, where it has increased by almost 500% in the past year and by 4.5% in the past week alone. Low reserves, sluggish exports from Norway and Russia and high prices in Asia, which drew away cargoes of liquified natural gas, are mainly to blame. Gas-guzzling factories, such as fertiliser plants, are being mothballed, triggering shortages of important products such as carbon dioxide, which is used in food production and transportation… 經濟學家們往往擔心通膨情況下的油價 (波動),但如今不會了。現在天然氣價格的飆升是更大的問題,尤其在歐洲,過去一年天然氣價格就上漲了將近 500%,而僅僅過去一週更是上漲了 4.5%。低儲備、挪威和俄羅斯的出口疲弱以及亞洲區高價 (競逐) 導致液化天然氣貨櫃的流失等,是最主要的罪魁禍首。化肥廠等耗氣量大的工廠正在被封廠,而這導致用於食品生產和交通運輸的二氧化碳等重要原物料之短缺… — ✔︎ 按讚【每日一經濟學人】Facebook 粉專: ✔︎ 追蹤【每日一經濟學人】Instagram 帳號: ✔︎ 訂閱【每日一經濟學人】YouTube 頻道: ✔︎ 閱讀【每日一經濟學人】Medium 平台: — 🔶如有商業合作或業務需求,請洽 🔴如影音內容有誤,歡迎來信勘誤

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