The Modern India Podcast #25-DFAVO:Helping students grow faster, smarter & together worldwide

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Dfavo® - formerly known as - has developed a fast, easy to use online service that enables access to education worldwide. By digitizing the application services the team have developed a popular solution to make international student recruitment both secure and transparent. This is clean and efficient Scandinavian communications design that improves the experience for applicant, counsellor, and university. We have with us Pål Kvalheim and Harinder Aulakh, the founders of Dfavo. Harinder Aulakh COO and founder, MSC Mechanical Engineering, MBA. Indian born Norwegian that after having worked in the oil and gas industry for almost 20 years decided to establish a platform that enables students to apply to higher education across the globe. Paul Kvalheim CEO and co-founder, MA Political Science and MBA, successful entrepreneur and former executive in SaaS technology and telecom industry, shares the passion to enable students to get access to higher education around the world. Both company founders Paul Kvalheim and Harinder Aulakh benefited from studying abroad and they firmly believe the opportunity for mobility improves career and life prospects. Improving access to higher education is their ultimate goal and having generated enrolments across a wide variety of different countries they are already seeing success. In addition to the main English-speaking study destinations such as Canada, USA, and UK, Dfavo are already supporting applications to alternative study destinations such as Ukraine and Japan.

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