EP8 Return back and get closer to God’s heart

素人基督徒 A normal Christian
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Do you feel that sometimes there is a kind of sorrow that imprisons your mind?
And you have feelings inside you that feel as if they are squeezing you until you cannot breathe? And you feel powerless to escape from these feelings?
We can have a choice.
To let the sorrow lead us into entering God’s heart.
We can return back and be closer to God’s heart. We can find hope in the sorrow.
This is a place where I share my experiences about my faith and how God is
leading me in my life.
I hope we can all receive something from God and think outside of the box together.
If you are willing to share about something that is bothering you right now and you hope that someone can pray for you, I really want to invite you to email me and share your story with me.
Even though I am not a native English speaker and I am still learning English, I am super willing to pray for you and to reply you personally. I will also protect your personal information. My email is

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