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 Grandpa Bill today talks about my Workouts for Geriatrics and how our balance is getting out of alignment for many different reasons. The biggest one? Not moving, period. Being sedentary leads to experiencing tight, weak, and muscular atrophy . Other risk factors that come into play are medications, low or high blood pressure, stress levels, vision issues, hearing issues, and foot problems causing changes in mobility . All can greatly influence whether you fall down or not. We Seniors know falls are costly both in loss of daily independent functioning and possibly life.  Reduce anxiety and build confidence in going out and getting around. Helping you learn and master specific exercises to improve balance and reduce risk of falling. Teach proper progression exercises for continuing improvement. You should participate if: You have noticed that you stumble or catch your foot while walking You have had a recent fall and are looking to work on balance You have developed anxiety about getting around because it has become more difficult You have noticed your balance is not what it used to be and want to improve it Your doctor has recommended you work on improving your balance You have tight or weak muscles, foot pain, gait issues  One thing is for certain: Balance can't be taken for granted past a certain age; it must be maintained — both in mind ,body, and soul. General physical fitness and targeted exercises can improve balance and prevent falls. But you might be surprised to learn that staying mentally active to maintain cognitive fitness also plays a big role. A sharp mind helps you to think — and stay — on your feet. Today GB explores the connection between thought, emotion, and human energy. Grandpa Bill Talks samples for ShapeNBurn+Testimonials for ShapeNBurn are continuing to pour in ! Contact me at The Show to Acquire Your Free Sample- Hurry! OR YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR FREE RIGHT NOW ! My Join Biz Opportunity Page SHARE: Maintaining mental fitness, remaining physically active, and practicing tai chi, qigong, yoga, or some other mind-body exercise can help you keep your balance and avoid stumbling. But if you do lose your balance, recovering requires muscle power. Power is the ability to exert force quickly — the kind of conditioning an experienced ballroom dancer uses to "push off" during quick steps and turns. Rapid, forceful exercises like hopping and side stepping help to build power. --- Send in a voice message:

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