Kennel Kelp Holistic Healing Hour Weight Gain is from Malnutrition

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Grandpa Bill talks more about ShapeNBurn,plus, The Amazing Green Pill  and this unique formula and how it is designed to provide optimal natural support for healthy sleep and mood, extra resilience and endurance in the face of mental and physical stress. There are numerous causes for the excess buildup of adipose tissue (cellulite). Some are more obvious than others, like eating at fast food restaurants, eating pre-processed food containing a long list of unpronounceable ingredients, and drinking "diet" sodas (yes, diet sodas are well-proven to cause obesity, among numerous other health complaints). However, the most prevalent cause of weight gain resulting from the storage of fat cells in various unwanted places around the body just may surprise you. In the industrialized world the most fundamental cause of fat buildup is malnutrition.  Grandpa Bill highlights key ingredients Rhodiola, which holds an honored place in the folk-medicine traditions of Scandinavia, Central Asia, Siberia, and China, where it has long been prized for its reputed ability to enhance endurance, support healthy mood, and moderate the effects of stress. Ashwagandha, is a primary herbal remedy in the ancient Ayurvedic medicinal tradition of India, and has been called “Indian ginseng”, thanks to its reputed ability to enhance endurance and resistance to stress, and because its active constituents (withanolides) resemble the ginsenosides in Panax ginseng. The second word in Ashwagandha’s scientific name — Withania somnifera — means “sleep-inducing”, which stems from the fact that it’s long been used to support healthy sleep. Rhodiola and ashwagandha have both been subjected to substantial scientific research — including human clinical studies — whose results generally support their traditional reputations. More about Ashwagandha Modern researchers classify ashwagandha (ah-shwah-gand-ha) as an "adaptogen” … meaning an agent that moderates the effects of physical and mental stress. Grandpa Bill had a modicum of success when we some 16 years ago now formulated these ingredients then with a menhaden fish oil for our multiple vitamin in phase 1 for my then Private Label line of BH Sales Supplements.You can rewire your brain to be less anxious through a simple- but not easy process. Understanding the Anxiety Cycle, and how avoidance causes anxiety to spiral out of control, unlocks the key to learning how to tone down anxiety and rewire those neural pathways to feel safe and secure. How great would it feel if you had twice the amount of money in your pocket every week? That's right, I’m proposing you have a part-time side hustle. How GREAT would it feel to add another weekly check? Well, this doesn't have to be a fantasy. You can do it, but you need a system to succeed... that’s why we created the EASY 3-STEP COMPANY TOUR. Bottom line... Think about it... Doing what you want, when you want, not when you can. You have all to gain and nothing to lose. We all work together. Don’t get left behind. Click the Company Video Tour link to CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT. Create Your FREE AccountEasy 3-Step Company Tour To your extra energy, --- Send in a voice message:

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