EP03 英文版-【Date with Mountains】Immerse yourself in the nature

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What makes Alishan such a remarkable place? It is located at the Tropic of Cancer, and due to the altitude, its ecology is across four climate zones from tropical to frigid. You can't imagine how diverse the species are here! For this reason, we will introduce the unit on nature in two separate episodes. In this episode, we will focus on the spots of the Alishan route. Especially the hiking trail will be the highlight! Are you ready to use your senses to experience the wonders of Alishan? 🔍 Alishan Travel Tips 🔍 Instagram <travelalishan> 🔍 Facebook <Alishan.nsa> #taiwantravel #alishan #travelalishan #travel #natural #mountain #healing Powered by Firstory Hosting

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