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Grandpa Bill today continues talking about Nootropics & Stacking you’ll not only save hours of time and energy… With Extreme Shake you’ll soon be able to finally cook Keto meals with slow cookers that promote fat loss and taste great.= SLOW COOK KETO RECIPES  Grandpa Bill also talks about revisiting The Spartacus 2012 workout and we talk about blueberries too! Adaptogens are a class of natural substances that are believed to stimulate the body's resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors.They may also help reduce stress in some people. It may also help support focus and concentration, as well as sexual health and may boost libido, increase testosterone and fertility. Ashwagandha, may also help boost energy and strength and help with athletic endurance. Promotes healthy mood and concentration Helps boost libido and support sexual health Increase fertility Assists in boosting energy, strength, and athletic endurance Works to benefit overall health Relieve stress & anxiety Promote better sleep Adaptogen Lower blood pressure  These products assist in unleashing your creativity and can tap into your inner pool of inspiration. Experience new invigoration with social interactions where you’re fully immersed in the moment, your words and thoughts will be more fluid, and confidence will come more easily. You get your brain’s preferred amino acids and vitamins in small amounts from food such as nutritious clean powders, such as Blue Algae, kelp, dulse, and more Your brain can fully power up, every single day. To take it a step further, choline sources help with: Your body needs choline to make acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter known for memory, learning, and protecting the brain from symptoms of aging. Choline is found in foods, but you may not be getting enough for optimal brain performance. Thus ShapeNBurn and its ingredients  Containing plant-based adaptogens that traditional healers have used for thousands of years to restore balance in the body. These are developed by a doctor, whose own selected specific ingredients will help protect your delicate brain cells from the elements and from everyday wear and tear via the nootropics brain stacking of these key elements! Lead Capture 1: CTFO Company Tour - All Products --- Send in a voice message:

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