[US] Ep62 Growing Up as A Farm Kid w/ Kat McCauley

Chai with Ping | Immigrants | Cultures | Minority Issues
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Kat is a recent graduate with a master’s in international & intercultural communication and a self-proclaimed ag nerd. She shares her life and stories while growing up handling animals to stock shows and on a school farm. Now Kat is an ESL teacher in Seoul, Korea! Contact Kat: 📝Some Takeaways ➡️ Some stories of how Kat grew up on the farm.  ➡️ The routines that people on the farm do. ➡️ The experience of having animals around. Will they eat the animals they raise? ➡️ Some examples of how Kat's life has been shaped by farming life. What's competitive meat judging? ➡️ Surprise! A pink piggy is likely sunburned. 🎧 Chai with Ping x 香料茶時間 Podcasts 👍 IG & FB @chaiwithping 📧 #growuponafarm #farmlife #stockshows #cowgirl #raisinganimals #ruralkids #crosscultural #minorityissues #personalstories #underrepresentedissues #livedexperiences  #immigrantpodcast #chaiwithping #lifeabroad #awayfromhome #dialgues

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