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Grandpa Bill continues introducing The NEW GREEN PILL-ShapeNBurn I just got hold of a brand new ALL-NATURAL weight loss capsule that is spreading like crazy! People are losing an ave. of 3 POUNDS PER WEEK just taking 1-2 capsules ONCE PER DAY - That's it! It CURBS your appetite, BOOSTS energy levels, and LIFTS brain fog...and get this - it comes with a 60-Day money-back guarantee! (literally 2 mos). NO WAY someone can lose here - except weight :-) " Nootropic Supplements healthy habits help people live their lives to the fullest.  One of the most popular supplement categories today is focused on brain and memory health. These kinds of supplements are called nootropics, and they seek to improve memory, focus, mental energy, and problem-solving skills. The demand for nootropics  Grandpa Bill continues in his series of talking about key ingredients that have been shown in studies to benefit your cognitive health.Natural nootropics are comprised of natural or synthetic vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, and other herbal ingredients stacked, or combined, in a supplement to improve cognitive performance cognitive decline, which begins as early as 45 years old.  Even more troubling for we geriatrics, aged 65-70 years old. Also those in this  age bracket have an increased cognitive decline compared to the 45-49 age group. This indicates that as you age your brain’s decline accelerates becoming more noticeable. Studies have revealed that people experiencing cognitive impairment were deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients that play a protective role against cognitive decline. chronic stress can accelerate cognitive decline and impair memory function.7 Some nootropics contain ingredients that are considered adaptogens, meaning they help your body cope with stress and, in turn, improve cognitive function. Nootropic Helps To: Improve Memory Promote Focus and Alertness Enhance Learning Support Verbal Recall Support Analytical Thinking Boost Mental Energy Enhance Creativity Reduce Stress Fight Cognitive Decline Keep your brain sharp eat mushrooms Rebuilds neural pathways. Increases focus and clarity. our product ingredients are whole earthen in nature, and are sourced in this order of priority: wildcrafted, organic, or grown without chemicals. We do not add fillers, excipients, or flow agents. you just went through the Company Tour? Would you say you are serious or just curious about making money? How much money would you need to make on a monthly basis to get serious about a business? How much money would you need to make on a monthly basis to get serious about a business? A: $2K+ ? More? How many hours a week can you put in to make that type of money? A: 10 How long before you would like to meet that goal? How many months If I could show you a system where you could make $2k-5k+/month, working ?? hours per week and hit your goal in ?? months...How soon would you be able to start? Can you make a list and invite 20 people in the next 30 days to go through the COMPANY TOUR? Lead Capture 1: CTFO Company Tour - All Products --- Send in a voice message:

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