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Grandpa Bill continues exploring more about how the body can heal itself NATURALLY=Plant based, earhten deriven clays, tinctures, wild crafted foods, herbs, and of course the worlds cleanest water-Tourmaline Spring. All serving as catalysts for the body t assimilate our fine CTFO & Our fine Companion Products to self heal. Safely, with proven documentable 3rd party test analysis and more. Today we talk more natural ingredients to include: Because of their complex nature, cognitive supplements are usually sold separately. However, it is possible to conveniently combine nootropic ingredients into a single formula in what is known as a “nootropic stack.” A nootropic stack is a blend of several cognition-boosting ingredients that work together in a safe and complimentary way to enhance all areas of mental performance and recovery. Here are the top cognitive supplement ingredients that meet today’s top criteria for safety, effectiveness, and value: But it’s not only the stressors of 2021 that has people worried about their cognitive performance. Many other factors can also cause a lag in cognitive performance, especially age, dehydration, poor nutrition, and other lifestyle habits. Benefits of Cognitive Supplements Most of the pharmaceutical “smart drugs” available today are known to have counterproductive side effects, ranging from nervousness to anxiety, insomnia, over-stimulation, and more. High-quality cognitive support supplements offer a more natural alternative that is generally considered very safe when taken correctly. It’s always important to consult with your personal physician before starting a new supplement routine if you are taking prescription medication or have a pre-existing condition.The new SHAPE N BURN Weight Loss product: 1. It works on nearly everyone - (Average loss of 3 pounds per week). 2. It is 100% ALL NATURAL 3. EASY to take – just take 1 or 2 capsules ONCE PER DAY. That’s it. 4. It does 3 things: Curbs Appetite, Boosts Energy, and Lifts Brain Fog! 5. SHAPE N BURN is priced right at $59 and $79 6. It comes with a 60 Day unconditional empty guarantee (60 days is unheard of in wt loss) 7. We own the worldwide exclusive rights to this product in the direct sales industry 8. Membership is FREE – upon registration, you get a personalized custom website with full back office immediately ready for business, and instant access to being able to purchase products at wholesale 9. Killer Compensation Plan: unlimited Matrix levels, Extra monthly bonuses for maintaining your rank level, and up to 35% Coded Infinity Bonus!!! Once you understand the Coded Bonus structure you will understand how and why there will be reps earning SIX FIGURES MONTHLY. --- Send in a voice message:

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