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11 week ShapeNBurn Challenge-Why is consciousness especially important in business? Described as being aware something within oneself, consciousness is rising as an essential business component. ... It promotes higher levels of consciousness in business - voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, freedom to trade, trust, compassion, collaboration and value creation.In Common Sense, Thomas Paine described government as at best a "necessary evil".individuals possess a sense of right and wrong for collective action – what might be called social conscience. ... If we can understand our own social conscience, we can make more conscious choices to help shape society according to our values.Here are six ways to overcome isolation and discover your purpose in life. Engaging hands on in ANY business takes time and work, but it’s worth the investment. The biggest reason to focus on producing a compelling "self improvised” program of your very own is to enforce being true to YOU! Your self motivational program when combined with this vision of mined individually for sure, but coupled with CTFO -will enhance EVERYBODYS ability to help you, me and US-to build a loyal and trusting fan base. These engaged efforts by you to promote YOUR business as such, can only help it succeed attaining a clear and straight forward path to EARNING your teams trust and their business also. They will be leaving positive reviews, and sharing your content with family, friends, pet owners, business constituents, social media groups ETAL! . Ahead we will together grow and share quality of life and in turn build a loyal following doing the very some thing.Last night Global Marketing Advisor, David D'Arcangelo shared two very important announcements you do not want to miss! Everyone, make sure you check out the recording! CTFO Body Transformation Challenge: Review the SHAPEnBURN PLUS Capture Page (launching next week) Log into your CTFO Back Office Library, then find the last quick link on the left side titled RESOURCES. Once clicked, that will bring up a down up menu, choose Online Library. The Body Transformation challenge is featured download in the #1 position with an icon at the top of the page. Fill out pages 2 and 3 and email along with your photos to Be first and REGISTER, order product and then get everyone you know to register. The fun is just about to start and the camaraderie developed between now and December 31,2021, the contest end date, will launch your business in January 2022. ​Now it's your turn! Don't waste another second, REGISTER TODAY! To watch the replay, CLICK Kennel Kelp Holistic Healthcare Products CTFO Unique Sampling Program 4 Product Subsets-Get Paid to Offer Free SamplesPosted byPosted Summary SAMPLE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS – CTFO’S SAMPLING REVOLUTION #1 Sampling Program in the Industry Samples Boost Your Sales by as much as 2,000% Understanding how effective sampling is, CTFO invested a TON of money and purchased a sampling machine that produces --- Send in a voice message:

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