E77 | (English) 搭雙層巴士邊享用法料邊造訪倫敦地標是什麼感覺?/ 概念源自巴黎的「流動饗宴」,Bustronome是倫敦最潮的移動地標!跟著Excuse英國腔!一起讓店長Viktor帶我們到座位吧!

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一邊享用高級法式料理,從前菜到甜點,穿插不同的酒,一邊聽著城市導覽介紹倫敦市中心地標介紹,一邊享受制高點帶來的悠閒,這是Bustronome,源於法國巴黎的「流動饗宴」在倫敦以亮眼的黑漆雙層巴士,下層是廚房、上層是愉快的心情、美好的風景與Fine Dining的味蕾體驗,本集Excuse英國腔!藉著倫敦店長Viktor的聲音引導,歡迎你跟著一起閉上雙眼,讓我們到我們位置上去吧! 🔆合作邀約 → 🌟請我杯珍奶吧,讓我帶給你更多全球特色的訪談! → Facebook | Instagram 搜尋:Excuse英國腔! Savouring French cuisines -- from appetiser to dessert, with different wines in between dishes -- and listening to the city guide at hand in your language, introducing the histories of all the tourist attractions in central London, it is that leisurely vibe you have only from the upper deck of Bustronome. Originally from Paris, this 'Moveable Feast' concept comes in the form of a fancy black colour double decker, with the lower deck used for kitchen and the upper for bringing that pleasant experience, beautiful street scenes and fine dining that stimulates your taste buds. In this episode, why not follow Excuse英國腔! to board the bus, assisted by the general manager, Viktor. Close your eyes and let him take us to our tables!

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