That 80s Show - The Podcast. Super Mario Dollars | Why does this brand new song sound so familiar? | Jon Bon Jovi's wedding singer from hell.

That 80s Show
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In the 80s all Paulo did was play Nintendo games, if only he kept them in their original boxes!! We bring you TV show and movie recommendations, discuss David Guetta for the first time and the worst wedding singer Jon Bon Jovi has ever met. Part 1: The most expensive Nintendo Games. Part 2: Movie Recommendations. Part 3: David Guetta, Sia and Pat Benatar. Part 4: The worst wedding singer Jon Bon Jovi has ever met. Everything we discuss in this show can be found on @That80sShowSA on Facebook.  This podcast originally plays as a radio show with music - here are the songs we spoke about and played: Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough. David Guetta & Sia - Let's Love. Wham! - I'm your man & The Edge of Heaven. Dua Lipa - Let's Get Physical.

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