That 80s Show meets Gary Kemp.

That 80s Show
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This is why we started doing That 80s Show!!! 1980s music royalty, founding member of Spandau Ballet, Gary Kemp. Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, the uncle to George Michael's God Son!!! We hear about his fame in the 80s, his acting career, time on stage as well as his new music. Find his new album, INSOLO, on all music platforms - but be real 80s and get it on cassette tape and follow Gary on all social platforms to keep up to date. Part 1: Life in Lockdown. Part 2: The 80s. Part 3: Gary's acting career. Part 4: New music. Part 5: South African Adventures. Part 6: What's next - and now - for Gary Kemp. Title Track by Orange Groove Studio @OrangeGrooveAdmin on Facebook.

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