That 80s Show meets Thomas Anders of Modern Talking

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Paulo has still not come down from cloud 9!!! In this episode we meet the ''Gentleman of Music'' but by God, that is an understatement!!! Bringing his customary charm to That 80s Show, Thomas Anders talks to us about his early career, Modern Talking, the outfits of the 80s, his glorious hair and more. He also tells us about his fondness for South Africa, his famous friends, his new album and loads of other stuff that we can't remember because we were so infatuated. Keep up to date with Thomas Anders on: or ThomasAndersOfficial on all social media. His new album, Cosmic Rider is on all streaming platforms. If you prefer to spend an hour staring at one of the heart throbs of the 80s - you can watch a video of this interview right here:

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