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THE FALL OF AFGHANISTAN, AND THE FALL OF SAIGON, different,yet same, both involved u.s. military evacuations, both were brought on by enemy forces, and both involved a long standing war, only difference between them is the century (20th and 21st) and places (AFGHANISTAN and SAIGON, Vietnam). Both had massive evacuations for U.S. citizens and those that helped them during there war, they both came at the end of both wars long fought, and people that want to flee there countries. I feel bad for the U.S. MILITARY in both, they spent all that time and energy training the afghan army to defend there country, and fighting the north Vietnamese army against terrorist and other threats,spent BILLIONS of dollars, and lost lives, just for the afghan army and the south Vietnamese army give in without even putting up a fight. Both wars cost billions, they both had thousands upon thousands of deaths and wounded, and both will be burned into our psyche forever..... --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

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