LA 002: Learning to Learn - Helping Talent Development Thrive

AdvantEdge T4 Podcast: Behavioural Neuroscience to UnStuck Your True Potential in Expert Leadership
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“Why aren’t these “young people” stepping up to the mark?” Asked the C-level executive as we discussed the problems of talent management and leadership succession. As if it’s a problem of the younger generation – most notably Gen Y. But it’s not a generational issue! Performance in the typical workplace is at least 20% lower than it could easily be. The information in this podcast is critical to your well-being, your success, your business and your health but you will probably not make it to the end, at least not without interruptions and multiple distractions. You’re wasting your budget on talent management and development if you don’t get a few other things fixed first! Brought to you by CELSIM and emPowered by GAPPS5While reading, you will receive at least 5-15 emails, one or two phone calls, 3-25 instant or text messages and a colleague or two may pop-by for a 'quick' chat. You may visit a Web site and get distracted though I do promise to keep this interesting enough so you come back. You could easily raise performance by 20% with a few simple tweaks to your environment. Click the image for a full-size version. Visit the website for the full (downloadable) article and images.

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