《主題: 國際律師養成記: 從紐約到台灣/ The Making of an International Lawyer: From New York to Taiwan》

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Born in Taiwan, Jimmy went to a US law school to get his JD. Over the years, Jimmy has lived and worked in New York, Singapore and Taipei, just to name a few cities. Why did he begin his legal career in New York? What did Frank Sinatra have to say about that?

Jimmy says there are three key elements to being successful international professional: 1) the ability to speak English clearly and well, 2) professional competence and 3) a global (not necessarily a US) mindset.

Finally, what does he do to achieve a work life balance? Let’s take a listen.

Show note:
- Top International Law Firms by Revenue:

- “New York New York”:

- Indian Singaporean Cuisine:

Image sources:
- New York (wiki)
- Indian Singaporean Dishes (wiki)
- A 16th Century Lawyer Portrait (wiki)


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