The Transcontinental Railroad!

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The transcontinental railroad is considered to have been one of the greatest American technological accomplishments of the nineteenth century. It was completed on May 10, 1869 with the driving of the “golden spike” in Promontory Point, Utah and served as a vital link for trade, commerce, and travel by joining the eastern and western halves of the United States. The story of the transcontinental railroad from its earliest conception to its completion, spans three decades; from the 1840s to the 1860s. During that time America had grown in size and population, fought wars with Mexico in 1846 and itself in 1861, and struggled to create a new national identity. Our story will include the political tensions over slavery and westward expansion as well as conflict with native populations west of the Mississippi River. I will also include the impact of the transcontinental railroad on the tendency of the federal government to collaborate with private businesses as well as its impact on the national economy, race, Native Americans in the west, and popular culture! Please check out my YouTube channel

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