But seriously, was President Richard Nixon really that bad?

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On September 23, 1952, California senator Richard Milhous Nixon reserved time on national television to make an important speech. Many historians consider it to be the most important speech of his political career. He hoped to silence claims that he had accepted $18,000 in illegal political contributions to help cover personal expenses. The speech, which came to be known as the “Checker’s” speech, was the first ever nationally televised address. and convinced many in the American public that he had done no wrong. In the years that followed, Richard Nixon would have a tumultuous political career. Is it fair to judge his presidential tenure within that political career as a failure because of one scandal? And yes, I know, he was the second US President to face impeachment proceedings and the first US President to resign, and resign in disgrace, because of that one scandal. But does this close association of President Nixon to the Watergate scandal overshadow anything else that may be considered positive for the country? Let’s find out. And please check out my YouTube channel

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