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Grandpa Bill Asks Today: Will Your Health Survive the Next 5 Sugar-Laden Holidays? How to Manage Effects of the #1 Contributing Influence Behind Physical Dis-Ease Over the next 3.5 months, from Halloween to Valentines Day, American holiday celebrations will become the leading contributing factor in the promotion of insomnia, depression, sluggish energy, hyperactivity, fuzzy brain, reduced memory, an increase in colds and flu, inflammation, and the flareup of former health conditions. The culprit? 1. Concentrated natural and artificial sweeteners and 2. the sugar imbalances in the body caused by poor food combining practices built into common celebration meals. Each year I get an increased number of calls in January, February & March from those who, when questioned, noticed the onset of their symptoms develop shortly after "overdoing it" during one or more of the prime celebrations from Oct 31 forward. The central role of chocolate, nuts, desserts, candies, sweet drinks & alcohol, along with common food combinations of meats, fats & oils with starches, grains, & sugars, results in a series of surges and drops in sugar levels in the bloodstream for several hours following these snacks or meals. Blood sugar dys-regulation is due in part to a type of insulin resistance followed by fungal/yeast overgrowth (whose purpose is, in part, to eat down dangerous levels of sugar in the blood). Grandpa Bill Today simply asks: Who Wants A Free Sample of ShapeNBurn,Plus? How Much Weight Do You Need To Lose? leave me a message at 1-800-674-4508 or at this shows message board- Learn how to build your career in alternative medicine. Get The FREE website- Sign Up Today Utilize the website Buy Samples Do Sampling Pay attention to our plan those that responded to our "Niche" market element of recent note .Hands Down by Dec 31st you'll lose weight and Make Money You see its guaranteed NO RISK 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!No Questions Asked. Hows the Temp Agencies working out now days? Hows the impending Future of this world as it spins forward on its axis going to affect and effect you and yours? More Home Based businesses everyday due to the last two years of IT!!! Secret to marketing & promoting yourself in alternative medicine. This Free, website & its presentations will take place in your superb VERB  back office for those entrepreneurial folks here for the business opportunity and those that want a free website to order your wholesale pricing and auto ship discount products all with a no risk 60 day money back guarantee, no risk so whats to think about?,. l  will present strategies for marketing yourself in alternative medicine, for those that want to join my team 40+ years experience. Natural superfoods Keto Diet with sustainable cellular level nutritive green foods, powders, clays, tinctures, and clean wild crafted foods and the cleanest water on this planet! The second half of todays show we continue talking about holiday eating no no's soon with guest Michael King from Vitality Herbs & Clay today is a precursor to his soon to be appearance on my show!!   SEE MY DIGITAL VIDEO CARD BELOW --- Send in a voice message:

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