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DESENSITIZED: HAVING BEEN MADE LESS SENSITIVE....we have became this word. This JULY 4TH HOLIDAY chalked up 180 shootings and deaths, WTFH is wrong with people? Has there been A PURGE called and nobody has told people? Cause dammit, this nation is going backwards instead of forward, the GOOD OLD DAYS is being used to do EVIL S**T now, and it seems nobody, NOBODY, gives a dam. I'm tired of it all... POLITICAL FIGHTS, POLITICAL HATE, SHOOTINGS, MASS SHOOTINGS, AND THE NON-CARING THAT SEEMS TO BE THE NORM NOW. Civil war, I used to laugh when people said it could happen again, but the way things are, and all these REAL AMERICANS(and what the hell is that BTW) coming out there double wides, wearing there MERICA CAMO, ready to fight the PHANTOM that they think is ready to destroy us all, and all along, it's US destroying US... --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

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