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THE EVACUATIONS OF AFGHANISTAN, it was not pretty by no means, it's was sloppy, creepy, sad , and terrifying.....but it not BIDEN fault, in fact the AFGHAN ARMY is the faulty ones. This evacuation was almost exactly like The evacuation of Saigon, it too was terrible, but Americans always blames the NEW GUY, not the one who many initiated the process. I'm glad the war in Afghanistan is over, I'm glad the soldiers that served there are finally coming home...but the home they left is not the same at all. COVID, DELTA, VACCINATED, ANTI VACCINATED, T***PETS, POLITICS, POLITICS, AND POLITICS. This evacuation is just part of an AMERICA thats fastly become unrecognizable. The Taliban was just waiting for the U.S. to leave to do what they did, there extremely patient, and was just waiting there time to do what they done, no matter how many years we would have stayed. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

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