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Today Grandpa Bill revisits an archival interview with Seth Pruzansky replay Whats Your Form of Spiritual Healing? Are You an Intuitive are you awake? Seth Pruzansky & Veda Austin Outtake+Wow This is like a surreal cosmic dream. My passion for Tourmaline Spring Water  back via my family roots literally centuries! Seth Pruzansky, Proprietor of Tourmaline Spring Water and The Amethyst Elixir CBD Drink Drops, will be joining me today to talk about clean food clean water GREAT CBD hemp Drink Drops and now the treasure of treasures. BH Sales Advocacy Plan is in full stride for Tourmaline Spring Water, and it is now available infused with 20 mg. of Tourmaline Spring CBD. BH Sales kennel Kelp and Grandpa Bill is a client,  reseller, affiliate, good will ambassador and Custom Blended Purveyor of Soon to be released NEW Private Label Adahs Animal Products Aromatherapy with CBD Drink Drops available in three formulas Relax Focus and Age Well We also will Talk about Living Nutz and Adahs Nutritious Lunch Box -yet another BH Sales Custom Program More info at my blog big sale too! --- Send in a voice message:

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