*第二季*【EP. 23】#279 經濟學人新聞評論【美國衛生及公共服務部、新冠疫苗、委內瑞拉、獨裁總統馬杜洛、英國脫歐、談判、貿易協議、單一市場】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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1️⃣Alex Azar, head of America’s Health and Human Services department, said that every American who wants a covid-19 vaccine should be able to get one by the second quarter of 2021… 美國衛生及公共服務部 (Health and Human Services department,HHS) 部長阿薩爾 (Alex Azar) 表示,在 2021年的第二季,每一位想要接種新冠疫苗的美國人應該都要能獲得疫苗的接種… 2️⃣Voting is under way in Venezuela's parliamentary elections. Nicolás Maduro, the president, hopes to gain a majority in the legislature, cementing his control of state institutions… 委內瑞拉 (Venezuela,位於南美洲) 的國會選舉正在進行中。該國總統馬杜洛 (Nicolás Maduro) 希望獲得在立法機構 (即國會) 的多數席次,並鞏固他對國家機構的掌控… 3️⃣Negotiations over a trade deal between Britain and the European Union were never going to be easy. Yet with less than four weeks left until the end-December deadline for exiting the standstill transition period, the two sides are still at loggerheads. Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, claims that, under pressure from France, the EU has made new, unacceptable demands on fisheries and competition rules. The EU retorts that Mr Johnson still wants the benefits of unfettered access to its single market without accepting concomitant obligations… 英國與歐盟間的貿易談判從來都不是件簡單的事。然而,隨著距離 12月底截止的脫歐過渡期大限,這個僵局階段的結束已經剩不到 4個禮拜,而雙方仍有著重大的分歧。英國首相強森 (Boris Johnson) 指出,歐盟在法國的施壓下,對漁業協定以及 (商業) 競爭規則方面,向英國提出了讓人無法接受的新要求。歐盟則反駁強森,是英方希望不受拘束地進入歐盟的單一市場享受利益,卻又不想遵守附帶的規範…

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