*第二季*【EP. 27】#283 經濟學人新聞評論【歐盟預算、匈牙利、波蘭、Airbnb 上市、中天新聞台、國家傳播通訊委員會 NCC、蔡衍明】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Friday December 11th 2020 🔵2020年12月11日星期五 1️⃣The EU reached an agreement with Hungary and Poland, paving the way for approval of the bloc’s €1.8trn ($2.2trn), seven-year, budget and a €750bn package to help European economies recover from the financial effects of covid-19… 歐盟 (European Union,EU) 與匈牙利 (Hungary) 以及波蘭 (Poland) 達成了一項協議,為 18兆歐元 (約合 22兆美元) 的 (未來) 七年之預算和 7,500億歐元的紓困計畫之獲准鋪了路,進以幫助歐洲經濟從新冠病毒對金融的影響中恢復… 2️⃣Shares in Airbnb rose sharply on their stockmarket debut, the biggest American flotation of 2020. They opened at $146, way above the $68 listing price, before reaching $165, at which the home-rental platform was valued at more than $100bn… Airbnb 的股價在上市首日即大幅上漲,這是 2020年美國最大的上市行情。開盤價為 146美元,遠高於掛牌價的 68美元,而後來則達到了 165美元,使得這個民宿短租平台此時的市價超過 1,000億美元… 3️⃣Chung T’ien Television is no more. The station, one of Taiwan’s most ardent pro-China news networks, will stop broadcasting today after the National Communications Commission refused to renew its licence. The government has recently taken steps to combat Chinese influence in its media, cracking down on streaming services from the mainland in the past year and a half. This latest move is its most aggressive yet: the 14-year-old NCC has never before closed a television station… 中天新聞台將消失。在國家傳播通訊委員會 (National Communications Commission,NCC) 拒絕履新其新聞執照後,身為台灣媒體中,熱切親中陣營之一的中天新聞將在今天停止播報。(台灣) 政府近來採取了一些打擊中國對台灣媒體影響之作為,像是在過去的一年半中亦禁止了來自大陸地區的線上 (影音) 串流服務。但此次最新的開鍘是有史以來最為激烈的:擁有 14年歷史的 NCC 從未關閉過任何一家電視台…

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