*第二季*【EP. 28】#287 經濟學人新聞評論【輝瑞藥廠、新冠疫苗、英國脫歐談判近況、德國基民盟大會、德國總理梅克爾的接班人?】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Monday December 14th 2020 🔵2020年12月14日星期一 1️⃣Pfizer shipped the first doses of its covid-19 vaccine to American states from its factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. On Friday America’s Food and Drug Administration approved the jab, which Pfizer developed with BioNTech, a fellow drugmaker, for emergency use… 輝瑞藥廠 (Pfizer) 從美國密西根州 (Michigan) 卡拉馬祖市 (Kalamazoo) 的工廠向美國各州運送了第一批的新冠疫苗。在上週五,美國食品藥品監督管理局 (Food and Drug Administration,FDA) 批准了輝瑞與製藥商 BioNTech (共同) 合作開發、使用於緊急情況的疫苗… 2️⃣Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, and Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, agreed to continue negotiations over a post-Brexit trade deal. The two sides remain at odds over rules for competition and fishing rights… 歐盟執委會主席馮德萊恩 (Ursula von der Leyen) 和英國首相強森 (Boris Johnson) 同意就英國脫歐後的貿易協議繼續進行談判。雙方在商業競爭以及漁業政策等規則上存在著分歧… 3️⃣Today Germany’s governing Christian Democratic Union (CDU) will finalise rules for its leadership election in mid-January. The pandemic put paid to two previous planned party congresses; with covid-19 cases rising again, CDU officials are likely to announce a mainly online event, at which 1,001 delegates will watch the three candidates deliver speeches before making their choice. The winner is likely to become the joint chancellor-candidate of the CDU and its Bavarian sister party at a general election next September—and after that, to take over from Angela Merkel at the head of a new coalition government… 在今天,德國的執政黨基督教民主聯盟 (Christian Democratic Union) (簡稱基民盟,CDU) 將完成其於明年 1月中旬之黨魁選舉辦法的制定。新冠疫情已經使得原本預計召開的黨魁選舉大會兩度延期,再加上近期確診的病例數又再度上升,基民盟黨中央很可能宣佈以線上會議的形式來召開 (黨魁選舉) 大會。在這場大會中,手握選舉權的 1,001位黨代表將先收看 3位參選人的競選演講以作出決定。最後的勝出者很可能在明年 9月的德國國會選舉時,成為代表基民盟與其在巴伐利亞邦 (Bavaria) 的姐妹黨所聯合推出之德國總理參選人,進而接班現任總理梅克爾 (Angela Merkel) 來領導新一任之聯合政府…

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