*第二季*【EP. 35】#297 經濟學人新聞評論【新冠病毒變異毒株、英吉利海峽、貨出不去但病毒卻進得來、俄羅斯總統普丁、終身參議員、現代沙皇、肥胖與貪腐、BMI、世界銀行、國際透明組織】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Wednesday December 23rd 2020 🔵2020年12月23日星期三 1️⃣France agreed to admit some travellers from Britain from Wednesday, having closed its border on Sunday for fear of a fast-spreading coronavirus variant. French and other EU nationals, residents of France and those transporting goods will be allowed in, provided they have tested negative for covid-19 in the previous 72 hours… 法國同意從週三開始接納一些來自英國的旅客,而先前由於擔心新冠病毒之變異毒株的快速傳播, (法方) 在週日曾開啟邊境管制。如果法國和其他歐盟會員國的國民、法國居民和運輸貨物的人在近期的 72 小時內對新冠病毒的檢測結果為陰性,那他們將被允許入境… 2️⃣Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, signed legislation that allows former presidents to become senators for life once they leave the Kremlin. Mr Putin changed the constitution this year, allowing himself to serve two more six-year terms, which could in theory keep him in office until 2036… 俄羅斯 (Russia) 總統普丁 (Vladimir Putin) 簽署了法案,而該法案准許卸/前任總統在離開克里姆林宮 (Kremlin,泛指俄國政府當局) 後可成為該國的終身參議員。普丁在今年 (3-4月) 修改了俄羅斯憲法,允許自己再擔任兩次六年的 (總統) 任期,而這理論上可以讓他一直掌權到 2036年… 3️⃣In the southern English town of High Wycombe, the MP, mayor and councillors are publicly weighed every year, to deter them from “gaining weight at taxpayers’ expense”. The centuries-old tradition is conducted largely in jest, but the townsfolk may be on to something. A recent study of 15 post-Soviet states used an algorithm to analyse photographs of almost 300 cabinet ministers and estimate their body-mass index, a gauge of obesity. The author found that the median BMI of a country’s cabinet is highly correlated with its level of corruption, based on indices by the World Bank and Transparency International… 位於英國南部的 High Wycombe 鎮,每年都會舉行該選區國會議員、鎮長以及地方議員「公開量體重」的活動,以免他們身上多出來的肉是民脂民膏。雖然這項已有百年歷史的傳統大部分帶有玩笑的成分,但這些小鎮居民似乎領悟到了什麼…。近期一項利用演算法的研究,分析了 15個前蘇聯加盟國中近 300名內閣首長的照片,並估算了他們的身體質量指數 (BMI,一種衡量肥胖的指標)。作者發現,一國內閣首長的 BMI 中位數與該國的貪腐程度 (資料取自世界銀行以及國際透明組織) 呈高度相關…

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