*第三季*【EP. 45】#314 經濟學人新聞評論【美國國會暴亂、民主制度、歐盟外長、香港交易所、高盛銀行、摩根史坦利、摩根大通、川普的最後一手、白俄羅斯新憲、歐洲最後的獨裁者:盧卡申科】

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🔴Monday January 11th 2021 🔵2021年1月11日星期一 1️⃣Democracy under “constant” attack: any solution? 接連被挑戰的民主制度:又該如何是好? The European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs, Josep Borrell, said in a new blog post that the raid on the Capitol by Mr Trump’s supporters last Wednesday was a “wake-up call” for democracies. Mr Borrell claimed the attack on Congress, which left five people dead, exposed the dangers of allowing democratic values to decay and disinformation to spread on social media. 歐盟 (European Union) 對外事務部外長波瑞爾 (Josep Borrell) 在近期一篇部落格文章中表示美國總統川普的支持者 (於今年本月) 上週三對國會山莊的突襲是對民主國家的「警鐘」。波瑞爾聲稱,(這場) 對國會的襲擊 (造成五人死亡) 暴露了民主價值的衰敗以及假消息在社群媒體上傳播的危險 (性)。 2️⃣Turmoil in HK’s Stock Exchange: Trump’s last card 香港交易所震盪:川普的最後一把牌 Filings at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange showed that Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan, three American banks, plan to delist a total of 500 Hong Kong-listed structured products to comply with new rules banning Americans from investing in Chinese companies with links to its armed forces. Mr Trump’s executive order, which comes into force today, has prompted confusion around the world as to how it should be implemented. 香港交易所的交易文件顯示,高盛 (Goldman Sachs)、摩根史坦利 (Morgan Stanley) 以及摩根大通 (JPMorgan) 這三家美國銀行計劃將五百種在香港上市的結構性產品給下架,為的是遵守“禁止美國企業投資與中國軍方有關的企業”之新規定。美國總統川普的行政命令於今天 (起) 生效,但卻造成了全世界各方對該行政命令之執行方式感到困惑不堪。 3️⃣Belarus: the Lukashenko constitution 白俄羅斯:盧卡申科版憲法 In a television interview, Alexander Lukashenko said a new draft constitution will be published by the end of the year to help solve the political crisis in Belarus that began when he stole an election last summer and declared himself re-elected as president. The opposition has decried these efforts as a sham and claims that they will simply strengthen Mr Lukashenko’s hold on power. 白俄羅斯總統 (兼獨裁者) 盧卡申科 (Alexander Lukashenko) 在一電視採訪中表示該國新的憲法草案將於今年年底公佈,寄望藉此解決白俄羅斯的政治危機。此一政治危機源自盧卡申科於去年夏天的總統大選中舞弊,並在當時宣佈自己再次當選總統。(白俄羅斯) 反對派譴責當局 (為新憲法所做的) 努力是假的,並表示這只會強化盧卡申科的權力。

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