*第三季*【EP. 46】#315 經濟學人新聞評論【以巴衝突、約旦河西岸、以色列總理納坦雅胡、法國總統馬克宏、北非薩赫爾地區、新殖民主義再現、貿易戰之「歐盟-美國」回合、川普的餞別禮、國家補貼】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Tuesday January 12th 2021 🔵2021年1月12日星期二 1️⃣Israel in the West Bank: it’s political…again 在約旦河西岸的以色列:始終難解的政治問題… Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, ordered 800 new homes for Jewish settlers to be built in the occupied West Bank. The move may aggravate Joe Biden, who seems set to restore America’s previous position, abandoned under Donald Trump, of treating such settlements as illegal. Mr Netanyahu hopes to attract right-wing, pro-settlement voters ahead of a general election in March, the fourth in two years. 以色列總理納坦雅胡 (Binyamin Netanyahu) 下令在 (約旦河) 西岸佔領區內興建八百間猶太裔屯墾戶住宅。由於拜登希望恢復美國以往,認定這類屯墾區為非法但卻遭川普揚棄的立場,此舉可能刺激到拜登。(現任的) 納坦雅胡希望藉此能為將於 (今年) 三月舉行,兩年內第四度改選的國會選舉吸引右派、支持屯墾民眾之選票。 2️⃣French presence in Africa: what’s the angle? 法國在非洲的存在:有利可圖? President Emmanuel Macron of France announced that his government will invest nearly $15bn in building a “Great Green Wall” in the Sahel region, northern Africa, in a bid to combat desertification. The four-year project will help create 10m jobs, capture 250m tonnes of carbon dioxide and restore 100m hectares of land. 法國總統馬克宏 (Emmanuel Macron) 宣佈他的政府將投資近 150億美元在北非薩赫爾 (Sahel,是非洲北部撒哈拉沙漠以及中部蘇丹草原地區之間的一條總長超過 5,400公里、最寬可達 1,000公里的地帶) 地區修建一條「綠色長城」以對抗沙漠化。這個為期四年的專案將創造一千萬個就業機會、吸補 2.5億噸的二氧化碳、並恢復一億公頃的土地 (綠地)。 3️⃣Trump’s farewell gift to Europe: the EU-US trade war 川普送給歐洲的餞別禮:貿易戰之「歐盟-美國」回合 European leaders may well pop a few corks to celebrate the end of the Trump administration, which turned America from the bloc’s top trade partner into, by President Donald Trump’s own account, a foe. They will probably have more locally produced drinks to go around, thanks to a parting gift from the administration. Today America will apply further tariffs to French and German wine and spirits, adding to duties the country has levied on some European alcoholic imports since October 2019. The trade dispute stemmed from a long-running row over government subsidies between Boeing, America’s biggest planemaker, and Airbus, Europe’s aerospace champion. The tariffs have hit booze producers already suffering from the closure of restaurants due to the covid-19 pandemic. It is possible that the two sides will agree a truce before the Biden administration arrives; talks are reportedly continuing. But if not, it will be yet another problem for President-elect Joe Biden to fix. 歐洲各國的領導人可能會開幾瓶酒慶祝川普政府 (即將) 離任。根據川普自己的說法,歐盟從美國最主要的貿易夥伴變成了仇家。由於川普政府給出的餞別禮,歐洲本地應該會流通著更多其自產的飲品。從今天開始,美國將對法國和德國的葡萄酒以及烈酒進一步地課徵關稅,這是自 2019年10月以來美國對部分歐洲酒類產品更進一步地徵收關稅。此貿易爭端源於美國最大的飛機製造商波音 (Boeing) 以及歐洲的航空器巨頭空中巴士 (Airbus) 各自長期以來收受 (各方) 政府的國家補貼。川普的這份餞別禮 (對歐洲酒類產品課稅) 無非是打擊了酒類製造商,更何況在早前因新冠疫情而關閉的餐廳已經給了 (酒類製造商) 重擊。在拜登 (Joe Biden) 上任之前,美歐雙方可能會達成停戰協議;據報導,談判已在進行。但是 (美歐貿易戰) 如果沒有緩和之跡象的話,那準總統拜登又多了一件要處理的問題了。

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