*第三季*【EP. 65】#346 經濟學人新聞評論【中國的線上放貸、螞蟻金服、阿里巴巴集團、解除 (防疫) 封鎖、以色列施打疫苗、聯合國環境署、聯合國環境大會、聯合國秘書長古特瑞斯、大自然的反撲】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Monday February 22nd 2021 🔵2021年2月22日星期一 1️⃣Banking in China: stricter rules on internet loans! 中國銀行業:線上放貸更嚴格! China’s banking regulator finalised stricter rules on internet loans. Among other things, from July 2022 online lenders must provide 30% of the funding for loans made with commercial banks. The regulations will raise capital requirements for lenders such as Ant Group, Alibaba’s fintech affiliate. Last year authorities called a sudden halt to its $37bn IPO and told it to curtail lending. 中國的銀行業監管機構敲定了更嚴格的線上放貸規定。從 2022年7月開始,線上放貸/貸款平台將與商業銀行共同負擔貸款金額、出資貸款比率的三成。這些規定使得螞蟻集團 (Ant Group,電商巨頭阿里巴巴的旗下子公司) 需要增資。在去年,(中國) 相關部門突然宣佈暫停螞蟻金服/集團 370億美元的 IPO (首次公開募股),並要求其削減貸款。 2️⃣Easing lockdowns: you REALLY sure about that? 解除封鎖措施:勸君三百思! Israel eased its lockdown, having given at least one covid-19 jab to almost half its population. Shops, libraries and museums reopened, though people must still wear masks and maintain their distance. Only holders of “green passports”—mainly, those who have had two doses—may go to gyms, hotels and synagogues. Today the British government is expected to lay out its plans to relax England’s lockdown. 以色列在予其國內幾乎半數人口施打了至少一劑的疫苗後,放寬了該國的封鎖措施。商店、圖書館和博物館重新開放,儘管人們仍必須戴上口罩並保持安全社交距離。只有手持“綠色護照”的人 (主要為已經施打了兩劑疫苗之人) 才可以去健身房、旅館和猶太教堂。在今天,英國政府預計將制定鬆綁英格蘭的封鎖措施之計畫。 3️⃣Peace talks: the UN Environment Assembly 與大自然和談:聯合國環境大會 Today, the UN Environment Assembly—which bills itself as the world’s highest environmental decision-making body—will meet, albeit virtually, for the fifth time since 2014. Those dialling in will mostly approve budgets and yak about how countries should reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and biodiversity loss while responding to the coronavirus pandemic. The UN Environment Programme, which convenes the assembly, is keen to stress the connection between these problems, which it outlined in “Making Peace with Nature”, a report released last week. At its launch António Guterres, the UN secretary-general, warned that humanity has waged “a senseless and suicidal war on nature” which has resulted in climate change, the destruction of ecosystems and the rise of zoonotic diseases such as covid-19. These must be addressed simultaneously, the report says. Expect more talk than action at this week’s session, however—the 4,000-odd delegates who normally attend won’t reconvene en masse until next year. 自詡為全球最高環境 (政策/議題) 決策層級機構的「聯合國環境大會 (UN Environment Assembly)」將於今天召開自 2014年以來,第五度 (儘管改為線上) 的集會。會議上主要將通過預算案與喋喋不休地討論各國應如何減少溫室氣體的排放以及因應新冠疫情所造成生物多樣性的損失。據上週公佈,題為「與大自然和諧共處」的報告指出,籌組該大會的「聯合國環境署 (UN Environment Programme)」欲強調這些問題之間的連結。聯合國秘書長古特瑞斯 (António Guterres) 在報告發表會上,警告人類已經向大自然挑起了一場無知且自殺式的戰爭,因而近一步地導致了氣候變遷、生態系遭破壞以及像是新冠病毒般的人畜共患傳染病之崛起。該報告指出這些問題必須同時間被解決。預計本週議程紙上談兵的成分居多,而通常要參與會議的四千多位與會人士要等到明年才能再度集會…

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