*第三季*【EP. 67】#348 經濟學人新聞評論【臉書 (Facebook)、澳洲、社群媒體 feat. 新聞內容、匯豐銀行 (HSBC)、重返亞洲、跨國金融服務/業務、英國 vs. 歐盟:貿易、北愛爾蘭政治、1800年聯合法令 (Act of Union 1800)】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Wednesday February 24th 2021 🔵2021年2月24日星期三 1️⃣Facebook v. Australia: it’s either my way or highway! 臉書 vs. 澳洲:你爸爸我跟你拼了! Facebook will resume showing news articles in Australia, after cutting a deal with the government there. Less than a week ago the social-media titan shocked Australians by blocking links to journalism from their feeds and posts. It was angry at a law that would force tech companies to pay publishers for their content. Facebook vaguely pledged to “support” Australian journalism. 在與澳洲政府達成協議後,臉書 (Facebook) 將在其平台繼續對該國提供/顯示新聞報導。不到一週以前,這家社群媒體巨頭宣佈將禁止澳洲 (臉書) 用戶分享或查看新聞連結,而這震驚了當地人。此憤怒之舉主要回應澳國擬立法強迫社群媒體平台必須向出版商支付其新聞內容的費用。對此,臉書含糊地承諾要「支持」澳洲的新聞媒體業。 2️⃣HSBC: shake things up! 滙豐銀行:大刀闊斧! HSBC announced a 34% drop in pre-tax profits in 2020, as it unveiled plans to pivot further towards Asia. The bank will invest $6bn over the next five years to expand in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. It will also sell its American and French retail divisions. HSBC said last year it plans to cut 35,000 jobs in America and Europe, as well as move $100bn of capital to Asia. 匯豐銀行 (HSBC,全球規模最大的銀行以及金融機構之一) 在宣佈進一步向亞洲市場邁進之計畫時,也揭示了其 2020年的稅前利潤下降 34%。HSBC 將在未來五年內投資六十億美元以在中國、香港和新加坡擴展業務。該行還將出售其位於美國和法國的分行部門。HSBC 去年計劃削減在美國和歐洲的 35,000個工作崗位,並將一千億美元的資金轉移到亞洲。 3️⃣Clear blue water: UK-EU trade 力求風平浪靜:英國與歐盟之間的貿易 Michael Gove, Britain’s cabinet office minister, and Maros Sefcovic, a European Commissioner, will meet by video conference today to grapple with problems plaguing the post-Brexit trade agreement. The biggest issue is Northern Ireland, which continues to be bound by EU rules under the divorce deal. That is frustrating Northern Irish importers, who are grappling with complex new paperwork on meat, plants and other goods. The red tape will only get more complex over time as British and European regulations diverge. The British government wants grace periods to be extended until 2023. The regime was introduced to prevent a trade border being erected on the island of Ireland itself, but it has left the unionist community feeling estranged from Great Britain. The Democratic Unionist Party has launched legal action, seeking to challenge the arrangement on the grounds that it is incompatible with the Act of Union of 1800, which originally conjoined Great Britain and Ireland, so the legislation claimed, “for ever”. 英國內閣辦公室部長麥可戈夫 (Michael Gove) 和歐盟執委會副主席塞夫喬維奇 (Maros Sefcovic) 今天將舉行線上會議以解決困擾著英國脫歐後與貿易 (協議) 有關的問題。最大的問題在於北愛爾蘭,因為根據英國脫歐後與歐盟的協議,北愛爾蘭將繼續受歐盟規範所約束。這使得北愛爾蘭的進口商感到沮喪,而他們正在努力處理有關肉類、植物和其他商品的新型且複雜之文書工作/作業。有鑒於英國和歐盟法規的不同,繁文縟節只會隨著時間的推移而變得更加複雜。英國政府則希望將寬限期延長至 2023年。該 (英國脫歐後與歐盟之) 協議意圖防止在愛爾蘭島上建立起貿易的邊界,但該協議卻使 (北愛爾蘭的) 統一派 (主張北愛爾蘭繼續留在英國,而非與南方的“愛爾蘭共和國”統一) 感到與大不列顛島 (Great Britain) 漸行漸遠。北愛爾蘭的民主聯盟黨(Democratic Unionist Party,DUP) 已開始採取法律行動,主張英國脫歐後與歐盟之協議與“1800年聯合法令 (Act of Union 1800,該法令實質上將愛爾蘭島與大不列顛島統一)”相抵觸,進而對目前的安排提出異議。照“1800年聯合法令”的用字來看,愛爾蘭島與大不列顛島將“永遠”結合在一起。

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