*第三季*【EP. 69】#350 經濟學人新聞評論【印巴衝突、印巴實際控制線、克什米爾 (Kashmir) 地區、安永 (EY)、四大會計師事務所 (The Big Four)、Wirecard、管理諮詢/顧問公司 - 麥肯錫、國際航空集團、政府紓困:利 vs. 弊】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Friday February 26th 2021 🔵2021年2月26日星期五 1️⃣Ceasefire between India and Pakistan: better late than never! 印巴停火:遲到總比不到好! India and Pakistan agreed on a ceasefire for the first time in almost 20 years. Cross-border skirmishes—particularly along the Line of Control, the de facto border between Indian and Pakistani-controlled parts of Kashmir—have become more frequent in recent years. The two countries will now revert to their ceasefire agreement of 2003. 印度和巴基斯坦達成了近二十年以來的首次停火協議。近年來,雙邊越界衝突不斷加劇,尤其是在“印巴實際控制線 (Line of Control)” 這條印巴目前在克什米爾 (Kashmir) 地區實際控制之分界處的衝突不斷。兩國現在將恢復其在 2003年時所簽訂的停火協議。 2️⃣EY & McKinsey: it ain’t easy to be bosses these days… 安永 & 麥肯錫:頭家難做… Another boss in the professional-services industry was swept away. Hubert Barth stepped down as head of EY’s German office. During his tenure, the audit firm failed to spot flaws in the accounts of Wirecard, a payments company. The day before, the managing partner of McKinsey was forced out, in the wake of the consultancy’s alleged role in America’s opioids crisis. 又一個專業服務產業的老闆被趕走了。Hubert Barth 辭去了安永 (EY,世界四大會計師事務所之一) 在德國分公司領導的職務。他在任期間,該審計/核數公司未能察覺到金融服務公司 Wirecard 的帳戶中存在著問題 (其資產負債表上少了一筆 19億歐元的現金)。就在前一天,由於在任期間將麥肯錫 (McKinsey,世界頂尖的管理諮詢/顧問公司) 捲入了美國鴉片類藥物的危機之中,麥肯錫的全球總裁被迫離職。 3️⃣Airplane blues: IAG’s results 國際航空集團:明天會更好? Empty skies are dark ones for International Airlines Group, the owner of Aer Lingus, British Airways and Iberia. Annual results published today are expected to show the dramatic impact of a year in which international travel has been hard and, at times, impossible. The impact of travel bans and quarantines will lead to a heavy loss. IAG has not benefited from the government largesse that led to big bail-outs for Air France-KLM and Lufthansa, two rival European legacy airlines. Despite cutting costs and restructuring, the far-off prospect of a full recovery in international travel means that IAG will have to find other ways to bolster its cash cushion. It will probably make another call on shareholders rather than seek a bail-out that would come, like those given to its rivals, with strings attached. Freedom from government interference will at least give it an advantage when the skies fill with planes again. 空蕩蕩的天空對身為愛爾蘭航空 (Aer Lingus)、英國航空 (British Airways) 與西班牙國家航空 (Iberia) 母公司的國際航空集團 (IAG,International Airlines Group) 來說,是場惡夢。今天公佈的年度財報預計將顯現去年的艱困,有時甚至是不可能的國際旅遊所造成的慘重影響。旅遊禁令與隔離防疫措施的後果將導致巨大的虧損。對此,IAG 無法像它的兩大歐洲航空業勁敵:法荷航集團 (Air France-KLM) 與德國漢莎航空 (Lufthansa) 一樣,取得政府金援來擺脫困境。儘管已 (採行) 削減成本與 (資金/人事) 重組,IAG 想要達到完全復甦這樣遙不可及的願景,意謂著它必須找出另外一些方法來支撐它的現金儲備。IAG 可能會再次請求股東/投資人 (的資金挹注),而非像它的敵手那樣尋求政府紓困並受制於 (政府紓困的) 附帶條件。當天空再次充滿著飛機時,不受政府干預的自由至少會給 IAG 帶來好處。

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