*第三季*【EP. 70】#354 經濟學人新聞評論【新冠疫苗、嬌生公司 (Johnson&Johnson)、US-FDA v. US-DEA、紐約州長古莫 (Andrew Cuomo)、性騷擾、紐約時報、美中科技戰、華為、孟晚舟、引渡條款】

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🔴Monday March 1st 2021 🔵2021年3月1日星期一 1️⃣J&J’s vaccine: finally my turn! 嬌生公司的疫苗:終於輪到我了! The US Food and Drugs Administration, America’s drugs regulator, granted emergency authorisation to a third vaccine, a jab developed by Johnson & Johnson. Although the J&J vaccine is not as effective as those developed by Pfizer and Moderna, it requires only a single dose, is easier to store and adds another badly needed source of supply. 美國食品藥品監督管理局 (US Food and Drugs Administration) 批准了第三種 (新冠) 疫苗的緊急授權,而這是由嬌生公司 (Johnson&Johnson,J&J) 所開發的疫苗劑。雖然其療效不及輝瑞 (Pfizer) 和莫德納 (Moderna) 所研發的疫苗,但 J&J 的疫苗僅需單劑注射、易於儲存,並能作為這項急需物資的貨源之一。 2️⃣Andrew Cuomo: on sexual harassment… 紐約州長古莫:有關性騷擾… A second former aide accused Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, of sexual harassment. Charlotte Bennett told the New York Times that Mr Cuomo had asked her sexually inappropriate questions in his office last spring. Earlier this week, another aide had accused him of unwanted kissing and touching in 2018. Mr Cuomo denied any inappropriate behaviour and ordered an independent inquiry into the allegations. 第二位紐約州州長的前助理指控州長古莫 (Andrew Cuomo) 性騷擾。Charlotte Bennett 告訴《紐約時報》,州長古莫去年春天在他的辦公室裡問了她涉及性的不雅問題。在本週稍早時,另一名助理也指控古莫在 2018年 (對她) 進行強迫性的親吻以及撫摸。古莫否認有任何不當的行為,並下令對 (性騷擾) 指控進行獨立調查。 3️⃣Caught in a tech war: Huawei’s CFO in court 科技戰的一幕:華為的財務長受審 Today Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei, a Chinese telecoms giant, and the daughter of its founder, Ren Zhengfei, will appear before a Canadian court. It will consider whether Ms Meng, who was arrested at Vancouver airport in 2018 and has been under house arrest since, should be extradited to America to face charges of evading American sanctions on Iran. The case is complicated by America’s geopolitical campaign against Chinese technology generally and Huawei specifically. American officials accuse the firm (so far without evidence) of presenting a national-security risk to any country that uses its products. In June China charged a pair of Canadian citizens with espionage, an act widely seen as retaliation for Ms Meng’s arrest. Huawei is also suing HSBC, a bank, in Hong Kong, seeking access to documents that, it hopes, may improve Ms Meng’s chances. A ruling on her extradition is due in May; whatever happens, tensions over Huawei will persist. 在今天,中國電信巨頭華為的創辦人任正非之女、亦為現任華為副董事長兼財務長孟晚舟將在加拿大出庭聆訊。該庭將審酌於 2018年在溫哥華機場被逮捕並遭軟禁至今的孟晚舟是否需要被引渡至美國接受「規避美方對伊朗制裁」的指控。整起案件由於美國對抗中國整體科技業,尤其是華為,之地緣政治戰略而變得複雜。(雖截至目前尚無證據) 美方官員指控華為對其他使用華為設備的國家帶來國安風險。在去年六月,中國以間諜罪名起訴了兩名加拿大公民。此舉被普遍視為是對孟晚舟遭拘捕的報復。華為亦控告香港的匯豐銀行 (HSBC),並希望得以獲取對孟晚舟引渡案有利的文件。孟晚舟引渡案預計將在 (今年) 五月宣判,但無論結果為何,(西方國家與中國) 因華為而緊張的關係將持續。

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