*第三季*【EP. 85】#378 經濟學人新聞評論【美軍駐阿富汗、駐阿富汗國際維和部隊、阿富汗、塔利班 (Taliban)、疫苗民族主義 (Vaccine Nationalism)、COVAX、歐洲的第三波疫情、亞馬遜 (Amazon)、歐洲工會 feat. 罷工】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Monday March 22nd 2021 🔵2021年3月22日星期一 1️⃣American defence secretary in Afghanistan: long-stay 美國國防部長訪問阿富汗:長住 Lloyd Austin, the American defence secretary, met Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani, on an unannounced visit to Kabul, the capital. America is due to withdraw its forces from the country by May 1st. President Joe Biden has suggested that it would be difficult to meet this deadline, set in an agreement struck between his predecessor, Donald Trump, and Taliban insurgents. 美國國防部長奧斯丁 (Lloyd Austin) 在對阿富汗 (Afghanistan,位在中東) 首都喀布爾進行未公開的訪問時與阿富汗總統 Ashraf Ghani 會面。美國原訂將於 (今年) 5月1日從阿富汗撤軍。但現任美國總統拜登 (Joe Biden) 表示這個期限稍難實現,而該 (撤軍) 計畫乃拜登的前任 (即川普) 與塔利班 (Taliban) 叛亂份子所達成的協議。 2️⃣EU: vaccine nationalism 歐盟:疫苗民族主義 Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said that the EU will not share its vaccine supply with poorer countries until it has achieved “a better production situation”. Her volte-face on the spirit of the EU’s commitment to COVAX, an international initiative to provide poor countries with vaccines, comes as many EU members face a third wave of covid-19. 歐盟執委會主席馮德萊恩 (Ursula von der Leyen) 表示在實現“更好的生產狀況”之前,歐盟不會與較貧窮的國家分享其疫苗供應。馮德萊恩先前表達歐盟對 COVAX (一向窮國提供疫苗之國際倡議) 的承諾,但她的變臉 (volte-face) 出自許多歐盟會員國現正面臨著第三波疫情席捲而來。 3️⃣Striking out: Amazon’s labour problems 罷工就是王道:跨國零售業巨頭亞馬遜的僱員問題 Unionisation drives are causing Amazon headaches, both at home and abroad. Not only is the retail giant battling one at a warehouse in Alabama, it faces labour problems in Europe. Today more than 8,000 workers in Amazon’s Italian logistics hubs and warehouses—including employees of delivery companies with whom Amazon contracts—will stage a 24-hour strike after talks between labour and management failed. Unlike colleagues in America, some Amazon workers in Europe belong to unions, and they have had some success in extracting concessions. At the start of the pandemic French warehouse workers took Amazon to court over covid-19 safety concerns and won, leading to a new deal with more favourable terms. Today’s stoppage will be the biggest of the three that Amazon has faced in Italy during the pandemic. Despite this, the firm clearly still sees profits in il bel paese: it added 25,000 new jobs in 2020 and will open two new warehouses this year. (美國) 國內外的工會活動讓亞馬遜 (Amazon) 感到頭疼。這家 (跨國) 零售業巨頭除了正與 (美國) 阿拉巴馬州 (Alabama) 的倉儲工人有衝突外,它亦在歐洲面臨著勞工問題。如今,在勞資雙方的談判破局之後,亞馬遜位在義大利的物流中心和倉儲,包括與亞馬遜簽約的貨運公司之員工,共八千多名勞工將罷工 24小時。不同於其美國的同事,部分歐洲的亞馬遜員工隸屬於工會之下,並有成功取得 (資方) 讓步的經驗。新冠疫情初始時,法國的倉儲工人就新冠疫情的安全問題,一狀將亞馬遜告上法院並勝訴,從而達成了些許條件更佳友善的新協議。今天停工的規模將是疫情期間,亞馬遜在義大利所面臨之三個罷工中最大的。儘管如此,該公司顯然仍在這個美麗國度 (il bel paese,義大利文,泛指義大利) 賺飽飽:它在 2020年增加了 25,000個就業機會,並將於今年再增設兩個新倉儲 (場域)。

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