*第三季*【EP. 86】#379 經濟學人新聞評論【日商瑞薩電子、汽車芯片、澳洲 - 新南威爾斯州 (New South Wales)、澳洲大小事、水災氾濫、氣候變遷 feat. 聖嬰現象、搜尋引擎 - 百度 (Baidu)、自駕車、智慧電動車】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Tuesday March 23rd 2021 🔵2021年3月23日星期二 1️⃣Renesas Electronics of Japan: global shortage on car chips may come… 日商瑞薩電子:全球汽車芯片恐將短缺… Shares in Japanese carmakers fell after a fire at a semiconductor factory near Tokyo on Friday, which is expected to stop production of chips for at least a month. Two-thirds of those made at the facility, owned by a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, were destined for vehicles. A global shortage has forced several carmakers to curb production in recent months. 在 (上星期) 週五於東京附近的一間半導體工廠發生火災後,日本汽車製造商的股價隨之下跌,因該工廠預計其 (汽車)芯片會停止生產至少一個月。這間日商瑞薩電子 (Renesas Electronics) 的子公司旗下之工廠所生產的芯片有三分之二用於汽車。(當今汽車芯片之) 全球短缺已在近幾個月以來迫使幾家汽車製造商停止生產 (汽車)。 2️⃣Inundation in Australia: another form of climate change? 澳洲水災氾濫:氣候變遷的一種? Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, ordered about 18,000 residents to evacuate their homes. Days of heavy rain have inundated the land around western Sydney, leading to the worst flooding in decades. The inclement weather shows little sign of abating; the New South Wales Bureau of Meteorology warned that the “situation is far from over”. 澳洲人口最多的新南威爾斯州 (New South Wales) 下令使約 18,000位居民撤離家園。連續數日的大雨已淹沒了雪梨之西部地區,並造成數十年以來最嚴重的洪水氾濫;而惡劣的氣候絲毫沒有緩解的跡象。新南威爾斯州的氣象局警告道:情況還遠遠尚未結束。 3️⃣Shifting into drive: Baidu lists in Hong Kong 力拔山兮氣蓋世:百度在香港上市 China’s most popular search engine, Baidu, starts trading on Hong Kong’s bourse today. The Beijing-based tech giant, already listed on the Nasdaq, has seen its share price triple in a year, propelling its market capitalisation to $90bn. Thanks to government censorship, Google is inaccessible in mainland China. That leaves Baidu as the unrivalled leader in Chinese online search. Last year it boasted an average of 538m monthly active users, nearly six times the combined total of its next three domestic rivals. Investors are salivating over Baidu’s new business lines, in particular its “intelligent driving” division, which plans to roll out a nationwide fleet of robotaxis powered by Apollo, its proprietary self-driving technology. It also wants to mass-produce “intelligent” electric vehicles. By 2035 China’s government wants every other new car sold to be electric. The firm has international ambitions, too. It recently received a permit to test self-driving cars in California. 中國最火紅的搜尋引擎百度 (Baidu) 今天將在香港證交所上市。這家總部位於北京的科技巨頭早已在美國納斯達克指數 (Nasdaq) 掛牌,而其在一年內翻倍成長的股價則推動了該公司市值達到 900億美元。多虧中國政府的審查制度,中國用戶無法使用 Google 的服務,而這使得百度成為在中國的線上搜尋方面,無法匹敵的佼佼者。在去年,百度以月均 5.38億的活躍用戶而自豪,這個數字幾乎是後三名競爭對手之使用者數量總和的六倍之多。投資人正垂涎著百度的新業務範疇,尤其是它的智慧駕駛部門。該部門正著手在全中國推展,由百度所擁有之獨家自駕專利技術的阿波羅 (Apollo) 系統所驅動之機器人計程車隊。此外,百度還想要大規模生產「智慧」電動車。中國政府希望在 2035年以前能將新車銷售都改成電動的。百度也很有國際野心。近期,它已在 (美國) 加州取得了測試自駕車的許可。

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