*第三季*【EP. 88】#381 經濟學人新聞評論【長榮集團、蘇伊士運河、國際物流、英特爾 (Intel)、生產半導體、台積電 (TSMC)、三星電子 (Samsung Electronics)、東京奧運、奧林匹克聖火、國際奧委會】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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🔴Thursday March 25th 2021 🔵2021年3月25日星期四 1️⃣Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal: OPPS 長榮海運長賜號擱淺在蘇伊士運河:拍謝啦 Experts say that refloating a ship that ran aground and blocked the Suez Canal on Tuesday may take a few days. The Ever Given, which at 400 metres is one of the world’s longest container ships, is obstructing the southern entrance to the passage, causing a traffic jam of vessels. Egyptian officials reopened the canal’s older route to help clear the traffic. 專家表示讓一艘在 (本) 週二擱淺並堵塞蘇伊士運河 (Suez Canal) 的貨櫃船重新駛起可能需要幾天的時間。長達四百米的長榮海運貨輪長賜號 (Ever Given) 是世界上最大的貨輪之一,而它阻塞了運河通道的南部入口,並造成其他船隻 (海上) 交通打結。埃及官員重新開放了 (蘇伊士) 運河的舊路線,以此疏通 (海上) 交通。 2️⃣Intel: joining in the chipmaking business 英特爾:加入芯片製造的行列 Intel said it would spend $20bn on building two chipmaking factories in Arizona. Under a turnaround plan unveiled by its new boss, Pat Gelsinger, the firm will start making semiconductors for other manufacturers. That will put the American company more directly into competition with the dominant Asian chipmakers, Taiwan’s TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics. 英特爾 (Intel,世界上最大的半導體公司) 表示將斥資兩百億美元在 (美國) 亞利桑那州 (Arizona) 建立兩座芯片製造廠。根據其新任執行長 Pat Gelsinger 所公佈的周轉計畫,英特爾將開始為其他製造商生產半導體。這將使這家美國公司更直接地與亞洲主要的芯片製造商,即台灣的台積電 (TSMC) 和南韓的三星電子 (Samsung Electronics) 競爭。 3️⃣Flame on: Tokyo’s Olympic torch relay begins 燃燒吧:東京奧運的火炬開始傳遞 The torch relay for the summer Olympics begins today in Japan. Plans for the games press forward despite the covid-19 pandemic. The flame will start in Fukushima prefecture and criss-cross Japan before reaching Tokyo for the opening ceremony on July 23rd. Originally, Japan wanted to use the games to showcase its recovery from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that struck the north-east in 2011. When organisers chose to delay the games last year, they hoped the event would celebrate the world’s recovery from the pandemic. Yet that has also proven too optimistic. If the games are held, they will be a pale shadow of the normal festivities. Last week overseas spectators were barred from attending to guard against an outbreak of the virus. But the thousands of athletes, coaches and officials still present a risk. It is little wonder that most Japanese do not want the games to be held this year at all. 東京 (夏季) 奧運的聖火傳遞儀式將於今天在日本國內展開。儘管新冠疫情 (尚未緩和),但賽事的規劃仍繼續推進。火炬將從福島縣起跑,之後會繞完 (順時針) 整個日本國土,並於 7月23日抵達東京的開幕式。在原先,日本想要利用奧運來展現它從 2011年襲擊東北地區的地震、海嘯和核災中之復原。但當籌委會 (國際奧委會) 在去年決議推延奧運的舉辦後,他們便希望可以改以慶祝全球從疫情中復甦。然而,這樣的想像已被證實太過樂觀。跟原本歡樂滾滾的場面相比,就算本屆奧運真的辦成,那也將是一片寥寂。在上週,海外觀眾被禁止 (現場) 觀賽以防疫情爆發。但成千上萬的運動員、教練與官員仍暴露在風險之中。這也難怪大多數日本人根本不希望在今年舉辦奧運。

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