*第五季*【EP. 219】#603 經濟學人導讀 feat. 國際時事 feat. 新聞評論【經濟合作暨發展組織 (OECD) 也嘴通脹;加拿大總理杜魯道囧一回;習大大 ft. 聯合國大會;拜登的疫苗峰會 > 說的比唱的好聽】

每日一經濟學人 LEON x The Economist
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❗⁠您的一杯咖啡錢 = 我們遠大的目標!捐款支持我們: ❗10/2 (週六) 線上職場實戰力培訓工作坊,名額僅25名,報名至9月29日截止 誠摯邀請你/妳來參加 (學生免費): 👍Andre 老師 - 英文檢定考班,等你/妳來報名: 👍Chester 老師 - 英文文法與寫作班,等你/妳來報名: 👍Danny 老師 - 國際時事評論分析班,等你/妳來報名: 🔴Wednesday September 22nd 2021 🔵2021年9月22日星期三 🌏Espresso - The world in brief 每日濃縮 - 世界概況 1️⃣OECD: also raised inflation forecasts 經濟合作暨發展組織:跟著提高了通脹預測 The OECD, a club of mostly rich countries, raised its inflation forecasts. Consumer-price inflation across G20 countries is projected to reach 4.5% in the fourth quarter, driven by higher shipping costs and commodity prices, falling to around 3.5% by the end of 2022… 主要由富裕國家所組成的俱樂部 - 經濟合作暨發展組織 (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development,OECD) 提高了其通脹預測。在運輸成本和商品價格上漲的推動下,預計 G20 國家 (二十國集團) 第四季的消費者價格通脹將達到 4.5%,而到了 2022年底將降至 3.5%左右… 2️⃣Canada’s snap election: business as usual 加拿大的提前選舉:白忙一場 Preliminary results from Canada’s parliamentary election indicate that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won a plurality of seats—but fell short of a majority. The result may look awfully similar to the minority government Mr Trudeau was leading when he called this snap election, two years ahead of schedule… 加拿大國會選舉的初步結果表明,總理杜魯道 (Justin Trudeau) 的自由黨 (Liberal Party) 贏得了多數席次,但未能獲得 (國會) 過半的席次。選舉結果可能看來與杜魯道在提前兩年舉辦這次提前選舉時所領導的少數政府 (朝小野大) 非常相似… 3️⃣Xi speaks at the UNGA 習大大在聯合國大會講話 In a pre-recorded speech at the UN General Assembly, President Xi Jinping of China said his country would stop financing coal-fired power plants overseas. China has long sponsored coal projects in developing countries—though not this year, as renewable-energy prices have dropped… 在聯合國大會上,中國國家主席習近平在一段預錄的演講中表示將停止資助海外的燃煤電廠。中國今年停止了長年以來對於開發中國家煤礦相關計畫的資助行為,即使今年再生能源的價格下跌… 🔱Espresso - Today’s agenda 每日濃縮 - 今日頭條 💉🇺🇸💉Jab-oree: Biden’s vaccine summit 拜登的疫苗峰會:你/妳敢不來拜碼頭? Joe Biden, America’s president, will host a vaccination summit today. It will be the largest gathering of heads of state to discuss the pandemic so far. They have plenty to talk about. In the European Union and North America more than 70% of people aged 12 or over have received a first dose, compared with just 6% in sub-Saharan Africa. As rich countries contemplate boosters, COVAX, a global vaccine-sharing initiative, has said that supplies in 2021 will be 25% below the amount previously forecast… 美國總統拜登今天將主持至今為止,討論新冠疫情規模最大的國家元首會議:疫苗接種高峰會。他/她們 (即國家元首們) 有許多議題要討論。在歐盟和北美,12歲或以上的人已經有超過 70%接種了第一劑疫苗,而在撒哈拉以南的非洲地區,此一比例僅為 6%。正當富裕國家們考慮施打加強劑的同時,全球疫苗共享倡議 COVAX 表示 2021年的供應量將比此前預測的數量低 25%… — ✔︎ 按讚【每日一經濟學人】Facebook 粉專: ✔︎ 追蹤【每日一經濟學人】Instagram 帳號: ✔︎ 訂閱【每日一經濟學人】YouTube 頻道: ✔︎ 閱讀【每日一經濟學人】Medium 平台: — 🔶如有商業合作或業務需求,請洽 🔴如影音內容有誤,歡迎來信勘誤

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