🆕 Journal surfing - 05.2021 (part 1): 1.土壤微生物多樣性與生態系統(Yang et al., Funct Ecol);2.鳥類羽毛隔熱結構的趨同變異(Barve et al., Ecography)

你讀paper了嗎?— 關於土壤生態的那些事 (Reading Papers on Soil Biodiversity Together)


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? 這一集是五月份文章的第一個部分-part 1,我們分享了兩篇文章:

Yang, F., Chen, Q., Zhang, Q., Long, C., Jia, W. & Cheng, X. (2021) 
Keystone species affect the relationship between soil microbial diversity and ecosystem function under land use change in subtropical China. 
Functional Ecology, 35, 1159–1170. © 2021 British Ecological Society

2.海拔和體型驅動喜馬拉雅山鳥類羽毛隔熱結構的趨同變異 doi.org/10.1111/ecog.05376
Barve, S., Ramesh, V., Dotterer, T.M. & Dove, C.J. (2021) 
Elevation and body size drive convergent variation in thermo-insulative feather structure of Himalayan birds. 
Ecography, 44, 680–689. © 2021 The Authors.

? 姬俏俏 中國科學院 東北地理與農業生態研究所 博士生

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