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Grandpa Bill today asks: Do You Actively Support Animal? If you are part of an Organization that needs to raise funds, CTFO is the answer you have been looking for. This is a simple, free, turn-key fundraising system that allows your Members to buy at Wholesale Prices while supporting your Organization. Your Organization will receive a free customized website where your Members will be able to shop for a multitude of products at Wholesale Prices, all with a 60-day, empty container, money back guarantee.WHO IS CTFO(CHANGING THE FUTURE OUTCOME) CTFO is a 6-year-old, US-based company. We are an online health and wellness company with a multitude of products, several of which are patented and exclusive. You can view all of our products at the following link: VIEW AMAZING PRODUCTS WHAT MAKES CTFO PRODUCTS UNIQUE Our focus is to use science and innovation to offer people wellness products that truly make a difference. Our patented 10xPURE™ technology helps the products get to the targeted areas in your body. We have a scientific advisory board, and our products are produced using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which ensures quality and allows us to publish lab results. With our 60-day, empty container, money back guarantee, there is no risk in trying CTFO’s products.WHY DID CTFO DEVELOP A NON-PROFIT/FUNDRAISING PROGRAM Our mission is to help people improve their lives. Realizing we could help a non-profit boost their revenue, while offering amazing products to their Members at Wholesale Pricing, seemed like a perfect fit and a true Win-Win. HOW DOES THE PROGRAM WORK We have created a customized website for your Organization that we give you for FREE! It will explain why your non-profit has teamed up with CTFO, how your Members can buy at Wholesale Pricing and support your Organization. Here is a sample of what that page looks like: VIEW SAMPLE SITE Your Organization will sign up with CTFO (there is no fee of any kind) and create an account. Once signed in, you will be given a unique URL to your CTFO website that you can begin promoting to your Members. Your Members receive Wholesale Pricing on all CTFO products, many of which will replace products they are already using in their households. All orders will be processed by CTFO and shipped directly to your Members’ doors. You won’t have to pay for or stock anything. Your FREE CTFO Back Office will have real-time reporting. Your Organization will be paid weekly on all orders placed by your Customers. The funds will be deposited into an e-wallet and can be accessed at any time.WHAT ARE THE COSTS INVOLVED WITH CTFO’S FUNDRAISER There are zero costs to be involved. Your Organization simply joins CTFO for FREE and then promotes its customized website. HOW MUCH REVENUE CAN BE EXPECTED FROM THIS FUNDRAISER* With the uniqueness of our products and great pricing, CTFO’s average order is $105 Wholesale. Your Organization’s earnings will range between 10% and 30% of the Wholesale Price. These are products that are consumed on a daily basis. Once your Members enjoy the benefits, they will continue to order, creating a continuous revenue stream for your Organization. *We don’t make any claims or guarantees on how much income a non-profit Organization might earn with CTFO’s fundraising program. Earnings are simply based upon the amount of CTFO products purchased by your Organization’s Members.WHAT KIND OF GUARANTEE DOES CTFO OFFER ON THEIR PRODUCTS CTFO has an industry-leading, 60-day, empty container, 100% product refund guarantee. There is no risk or downside for a Member to try CTFO’s amazing wellness products. --- Send in a voice message:

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