[TCK] Ep67 Finding Home and Settling In ft. TCK Mama Ági Rowe

Chai with Ping | Immigrants | Cultures | Minority Issues
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Ági is originally from Budapest, Hungary, and went to the U.K. in 2008. She received her permanent residency in 2021 and it felt different. Oh~  I truly enjoyed this conversation! We talked about the meaning of home, fitting into a new country, and some new home cultures. When being away from my original home, Taiwan, I feel lost and left out when I go back because there are many things that changed and many people have their own lives that I'm not familiar with. Even the language, jargon, and the updates are happening which I can't catch up on... What are your sentiments toward home? ✅ Find Ági and more resources about TCK on IG @tck.mama 🎧 Listen to her last episode Ep63 Parenting TCKs  🎧 Ági's podcast: Home Anywhere 📝Episode Outline (00:00) Intro and Catch Up (04:25) Bringing the family back home/Major great-grandfather!!!/Belonging and Fitting In/ (13:21) What made her journey easier/Her Third-Culture Kids in their Hungarian home/Sentiments when being at home (23:25) Senior Care/What's home?/TCK Mama If you like the TCK series,  ✅ Ep48 Supporting Third Culture Kids w/ Tanya Crossman   ✅ Ep41 TCK Living in 5 Countries When Growing Up w/ Ken  ✅ Ep5 Third Culture Kid (TCK): I was Homeschooled in China w/ Eber Condrell 🎧 Chai with Ping 👍 IG & FB @chaiwithping 📧 #senseofbelonging #TCKs #crossculturalmarriage #movingaround #crosscultural #crosscultural #minorityissues #personalstories #underrepresentedissues #livedexperiences  #immigrantpodcast #immigrants  #chaiwithping #lifeabroad #awayfromhome #dialgues

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