xx 49-08-25 The Case of the Murdering Messenger - David Harding Counterspy

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Counterspy was an espionage drama radio series that aired on the NBC Blue Network (later ABC) and Mutual from May 18, 1942, to November 29, 1957. David Harding (played by Don MacLaughlin) was the chief of the United States Counterspies, a unit engaged during World War II in counterintelligence against Japan's Black Dragon and Germany's Gestapo. United States Counterspies was a fictional government agency devised by the program's creator, Phillips H. Lord after Lord "had a certain amount of difficulty with J. Edgar Hoover over story content in Gang Busters." Mandel Kramer played Peters, Harding's assistant. The program's plots progressed through three phases. During World War II they involved "threats from the Axis powers." After the war ended, Cold War threats took precedence. In the third phase, "they addressed all manner of illegal activities.[ Scriptwriters for the series included Milton J. Kramer, Emile C. Tepperman and Stanley Niss. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entertainment Radio Stations Live 24/7 Sherlock Holmes/CBS Radio Mystery Theater ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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