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Grandpa Bill today asks Two Merry Christmas Day Wishes today for one and ALL!   What are you experiencing during the Holidays? Do you take prescribed depression medication? 1.) Can You Put Your Emotions in Your unused Xmas Day Empty Present Boxes? 2.) What are Your Goals for 2022? The right to freedom of movement includes the right to move freely within a country for those who are lawfully within the country, the right to leave any country and the right to enter a country of which you are a citizen. The right to leave a country to go somewhere else. For example, a citizen that has a right to a passport and to leave a country without undue hindrance.Is freedom of movement in the US Constitution? Freedom of movement within and between states is constitutionally protected. The right of Americans to travel interstate in the U.S. has never been substantially judicially questioned or limited UNTIL??? Today we talk more about the natural ,plant based, wild crafted and earthen derived clays ,tinctures, superfoods, for both animals and their humans. All in a assimilating group of like minded intuitives Changing The Future Outcome for 2022 and BEYOND Freedom of movement began as a way to encourage people to travel to fill jobs after the Second World War. The idea was that a mobile workforce would help boost the economies of the EU's six founding members, and perhaps discourage future conflict on the continent. --- Send in a voice message:

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